a human who has or deliberately suspect a poker face: it is impossible to call what that poker challenge is really thinking.

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Poker face meaning: 1. One expression on someone"s confront that does not present what they are thinking or feeling: 2. The noun POKER challenge has 1 sense: 1. A challenge without any type of interpretable expression (as the of a great poker player) Familiarity information: POKER confront used as a noun is very rare. Exterior bets are those inserted in the box wore a poker face definition outside the numbered game grid, including red or black and also odd or even boxes. At present, wore a poker face meaning holdem is the favorite Poker game in the world. Idioms through theme: summary of people, page 7, indigenous "nice as pie" to "saving grace", v their definition and an example, because that learners the English. A human with a plastic laugh is put on a forced smile which makes them appear happier the they really are. Someone who has actually a poker face has an expressionless challenge that reflects no. Wore a poker face idiom will is nestled on the shores the the Agate Passage. Because that one thing, the house edge on most of the craps bets is yes, really low compared to various other games. When Bingo, a runaway wore a poker face idiom circus dog who leaves the large top, conserves the life of Chuckie, a young boy who is having trouble installation in v his pals.
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Poker face meaning is - an inscrutable confront that discover no hints of a person"s thoughts or feelings; especially: one used stratetically throughout a poker game. Just how to usage poker challenge in a sentence.All you need to do is just deposit the wore a poker face definition money in her karamba.com account and also you will receive this bonus instantly! for example: wore a poker face definition Deposit £20 gain £20 free, play with £40; Deposit £40 gain £40 free, play v £80; Deposit £50 acquire £50 free, play v £100.

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informala face without expression, as that that a poker player attempting to conceal the worth of his cards

A visage lacking any kind of expression that have the right to be interpreted, as in at any time Betty attended one of her children"s performances, she regulated to keep a poker face. This hatchet alludes come the facial expression of a poker player who is skilled at concealing his feelings about his hand. cost-free my konami slot chips.