On a education blog, I witnessed a picture of someones adorable infant boy called Severus and also did a double-take. If i made a list of take care of Potter names that would inspire and be used by new parents, Severus would more than likely not be on there.Severus Snape is a renowned character from the take care of Potter world, and also when you check out the books it"s complicated to discern what side he"s on until the last moment. You an initial meet him together the potions teacher at hogwarts who has an instant dislike of the hero. Eventually, it"s revealed the he and also Harry"s dad did not get along as soon as they to be students. And I"m not going to say too much since I don"t want to give anything away because that the eight civilization in the civilization who haven"t check out the publications or watched the movies.Severus (pronounced "SEV-eh-rus") is an old Roman surname definition "stern." Septimus Severus to be a small known roman Emperor who had several old buildings called after him. This name was likewise given to numerous saints.Despite it"s history, anyone that hears this name will think that the publication character first. And also Severus Snape is not the many appealing character. He is no as great looking, or together cool, as Alan Rickman. In fact, that has all of the exact same physical characteristics of the old-fashioned racialism portrayals of Jews. Black color greasy hair, a hook nose, black color beady eyes, pale skin, you get the picture. He also has an ext rages in the book. However, a many of civilization love the character.Even if the wasn"t the name of a well known wizard, Severus sounds...well, sever. It"s suitable for the character, who never ever really smiles and hasn"t been happy for a lengthy time. Yet for a child?Maybe I must keep mine mouth closed together it is the name of at the very least one real life boy. And also I know that he"s adorable. Probably he"ll stay the name well.

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Perhaps it"ll it is in redefined after ~ a few other parents use it too. Who can say?Sources:http://www.behindthename.com/name/severushttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Septimius_Severushttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Severus_SnapeImage Credit:http://sea-of-ice.deviantart.com/art/Some-live-some-die-195851182
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