While some think the the jewels in a watch space purely simply for aesthetic purposes only. Others think the the jewels in a watch identify the last price the the watch.

Watch Jewels in an Omega SpeedMaster mechanical Watch

Because that this on-going myth that was formed approximately the jewels within a watch, we decided to analyze the real value that these tiny pieces that rubies.

Let’s check out if you, together a buyer, should take into consideration it vital criterion when choosing the perfect watch.

Watch sellers often try to tempt their customers with the claimed value the these piece of jewels in the watch, however they are virtually not an useful at all, at least not financially speaking.

Today, they are not also natural gems, however artificially made sapphire or ruby, called corundum. The objective of having actually jewels in a watch is essential in the proper functioning that a watch, as result of its anti-friction properties.

Corundum Ruby – Artificially grown native laboratory

Corundums are fabricated faceted sapphire or ruby that has the very same physical, chemical and also optical properties as those of a herbal one. Other than that that is lab-grown and not developed by mother nature.

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Few human being know the importance of these aspects are and neither perform they understand the purpose behind it.

To simply dispel the myth – The more jewels in a watch carry out not have to equate come a much more expensive watch. The objective of jewels in a clock is to help the watch function an ext accurately. There space a the majority of things come say around the number and also the form of jewels, things which you should think about when to buy a watch.

How execute Watch Jewels Work?

Watch jewels room functional and are offered as a friction point to minimize watch contents from wearing the end from the an outcome of long-term constant friction. Jewels or fabricated rubies are supplied for this purpose since they are harder than metal and can absorb the damage better when the oil division down.


It is no a simultaneously or simply a marketing strategy the gems like sapphires or rubies were favored for this ‘job’.

There room some specifications that the material and also the jewels themselves the recommend them:

Due to their hard and smooth surface, the jewels minimize the resistance the gears encounter, whereas a metal-to-metal interaction would slowly wear under the components, because it would certainly not be hard enough.They are simple to manufacture, coming in different sizes and also shapes. V their unique design, they perfectly fit in tiny holes indigenous the plate of the watch. Make of secure material, jewels provide stable friction, which have the right to be conveniently calculated.

Basically, thejewels are put under gears, which can move easier with your pivot right into thelittle hole from the middle of the jewel. Among their properties is likewise shockabsorption, minimizing the balance staff’s movement and also connecting points.

All in all,due to diminished friction, the contents of the device are preserved, being ableto role properly and also accurately because that a longer time. Because of thedifficulty of resolving or replacing mechanical components inside a watch, this‘value’ of the jewels have to not be neglected.

What Jewels are supplied in Watches?

Suites that Ruby corundums

The only jewels that are hard and smooth enough at the very same time to offer as bearings of a watch room rubies, sapphires, and diamonds.

However, simply the previous two are wanted by the makers, because diamonds were too expensive to job-related with.

In the past, watchmakers used natural genuine jewels together a friction suggest for watches yet today they choose the produced ones (artificially get an impressive in a laboratory). Because it is cheaper come produce and easier to attain in the desired size and shape.

The procedure of creating solitary crystal to be firstly created by the polishing chemist january Czochralski in 1916.

How plenty of jewels have the right to a clock have?

Before 1970, the town hall were largely mechanical without many features and, therefore, they supplied from 5 to seven jewels. Together the city hall became much more complicated, the number of jewels slowly increased.

Watches have no complications have about 15 jewels to 17 jewels, i beg your pardon are thought about to it is in the most common kind of mechanical watch these days. Watches v complications have around 21 jewels to 26 jewels.

Not just the variety of the jewels is variable, but additionally their type. There space three main varieties of jewels.

The hole Jewels (or pierced jewels) room the one v a hole in the middle right into which the pivot the the gear is placed. The cap Jewel, which walk not have actually holes and also usually comes above the feet Jewel, structure together a shock absorber assembly. This protects the watch in the occasion that it is fight or dropped. The last types of Jewel space the Pallet and also the Roller one, i m sorry have different shapes – rectangular and also half-cylindrical respectively.

The formertwo types remain the most essential ones and also their number depends on thefeatures that the watch. The more complicated the watch, the an ext jewels will berequired.

What go the variety of Jewels in a watch mean?

The number of jewels in a watch merely works as a friction point to alleviate watch components from wearing the end from the result of long-term consistent friction. One 18 jewel watch simply method there room 18 jewels in the watch and also 21 jewel watch method there are 21 jewels in the watch.

There is no a straight proportionality in between the variety of jewels and also the top quality of the watch. The number of jewels in a watch depends on the complexity of a watch.


For city hall with much more complexity, because that example, a watch through chronograph and also date-time complications will certainly require an ext gears come run. Jewels job-related as bearings for the gears to operation smoothly.

Around 17 jewels are needed for typical watches without complications. Yet if a clock has functions like moon phases, dual-zone or extra power, for each that them, more jewels will certainly be essential in order to ensure the proper functioning of the system.

How numerous Jewels in a great watch?

Even despite you were maybe made come think in different ways by her favorite watch brand. Plainly the variety of jewels in a clock is no the main factor which identify if a watch is good.

In fact, the an initial watches that operated properly without any jewels was made possible because they had a traditional complication and a strong mainspring the ensured the an excellent timekeeping.

When the very first bearings to be introduced, the component that required it the most was the one attached with the balance staff. The impulses created from the unbalanced oscillatory activity could affect the timekeeping.

Now, jewelling various other parts the the system is simply a method to boost the functioning time the the watch and also to add features. Each and every company chooses come jewel the compounds lock found much more vulnerable.

At very first glance, we would say that the an ext jewels the better. That is true only in the case when every jewel had actually a specific purpose and is not included just as a marketing strategy.

It gets almost an ext ridiculous when manufacturers go as far as to just pole jewels top top the bridges that the activity that no even included in the system, for this reason they might write “35 jewels” top top the dial. It is why occasionally the numbers over 25 are just marketing exaggerations.

Bearing in mind the 17 jewels, and 25 jewels, have the right to be the number of jewels needed for a good watch. Furthermore, periodically the rule ‘Simple is better’ works here because the easier we store the watch, the fewer quantities of moving parts and, consequently, under jewels needed.

What is 21 jewels in a watch?

21 jewels in a watch simply typical that there room 21 jewels in the watch the acts together a friction point. Many 21 jewel clock comes with a certain complication that requires that many jewels in the watch.

In order to know what specific features a 21 jewel clock has, we have the right to analyze a version from Seiko – the 7S26 – among the most popular watch models from the renowned Japanese watch company.

Seiko 7S26 – 21 Jewels

Besides to run the key functionality of the watch, i beg your pardon is to keep suitable time. This watch has a calendar complication the requires much more jewels due to the fact that it has an ext gears fitted in the watch.

In conclusion, a 21 jewel watch often comes through 1 or an ext complications come it.

Top 3 city hall with great Number that Jewels

After evaluating in such details of the interior system that the watches, let’s see just how the concept becomes practice.

We think that 23 jewels is the maximum number that have the right to be justification in a time-only movement. Sometimes even 17 jewels is one optimal number of functional jewels. The watches that are outside these borders are frequently not totally utilizing the jewels required.

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Therefore, in the following, based upon our experience,we space going to recommend you some watches that have actually just the right number ofbearings, gift the people that will surely accomplish your expectations.

1. Seiko Men’s SNK809

Seiko 5 – SNK809

We can not help beginning with a Seiko men model. Through a stylish design and an automatically movement, SNK809 is the clock of every tastes.

Seiko 5 – SNK809

The model has actually 21 jewels and, therefore, some exciting features. Besides the traditional hour, minute, second counting mechanism it additionally shows the job of the week and the date at the 3 o’clock position.

Seiko 5 – SNK809

Its technological specifications, very well thought and not exaggerated in ~ all, along with its classic, elegant appearance just makes us want to recommend it. Watches favor this that price below $100 space as rare as a gem.

2. Corgeut – Miyota automatic Movement

A brand not really popular in the west, but has an uprising and also solid affect in Japan.

We proceed with a Corgeut design from another aesthetic area. It has actually a stainless steel strap, black dial and also a ceramic rotating bezel which comes in different colors.

Corgeut – black color Dial v Blue Ceramic Bezel

These do the watch look casual yet in an elegant way, too. The technological specifications are virtually identical with the previous watch recommended: 21 jewels, self-winding movement and date display screen at 3 o’clock ~ above the display.

Corgeut – black Dial with Black Ceramic Bezel

There is also the possibility of date adjustment. With such an amazing design and good evaluate on Amazon, we recommend the with great confidence.

3. Orient Bambino – Ver. 2

This Orient Bambino is perhaps one the finest selling Japanese watch ever before sold and additionally known for being a great dress watch.

This second generation builds upon what the original started. The dial features a basic metallic complete roman indexes the are balance out by the polished and also sharp-looking hands. Overall, the design is simple, yet beautiful and elegant.

Orient Bambino v2

Comes with over 5 variations, the Orient Bambino also has a useful date display screen at the 3 o’clock marker. The version 2 Bambino you check out here has been upgraded with the F6724 movement which is automatic, hand-winding and also hacking.

Furthermore, a power reserve of approximately 40 hrs will store your Orient Bambino to run without having actually to wear it every day.