Here we comment on the assorted symmetry and also angle nature of tangents come circles.

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In this lessons us will learn about

Tangent to A Circle and The point Of Tangency,Tangent come A circle Theorem,Secant,Two-Tangent Theorem,Common Internal and External Tangents.

The complying with diagrams present the Radius Tangent Theorem and also the Two-Tangent Theorem. Scroll down the page for an ext examples and solutions.


Tangent to A Circle

A tangent come a one is a directly line, in the plane ofthe circle, which touches the one at just one point. The allude is dubbed thepoint the tangency or the pointof contact.

Tangent to a one Theorem: A tangent to a circleis perpendicular come the radius attracted to the point of tangency.


What Is The Tangent of A Circle?

A tangent is a heat in the airplane of a circle the intersects the circle in ~ one point.The allude where that intersects is called the point of tangency.

How to Prove The Tangent to A one Theorem?

The Tangent come a circle Theorem claims that a line is tangent to a circle if and only if theline is perpendicular to the radius drawn to the allude of tangency.


A right line that cut the circle in ~ two unique points is referred to as a secant.


Example:In the following diagram a) state every the tangents come the circle and the point of tangency of every tangent. B) state every the secants.


Solution:AB is a tangent come the circle and the suggest of tangency is G.CD is a secant come the circle because it has actually two clues of contact. EF is a tangent to the circle and also the point of tangency is H.

Tangents native The Same outside Point

Two-Tangent Theorem: when two segments are attracted tangent toa circle indigenous the same allude outside the circle, the segments are equal in length.

In the adhering to diagram: If AB and AC space two tangents come a circle centered at O, then:

the tangents come the circle native the external suggest A are equal,OA bisects the angle BAC between the two tangents,OA bisects the angle BOC between the 2 radii to the clues of contact,triangle AOB and also triangle AOC are congruent ideal triangles.

The two-tangent theorem is likewise called the "hat" or "ice-cream cone" theorembecause that looks like a hat on the one or an ice-cream cone.

How to Prove The Two-Tangent Theorem?

The Two-Tangent Theorem claims that when two segment are drawn tangent to a circle indigenous thesame point outside the circle, the segments room congruent. (uses Two-Column Proof and also CPCTC).

When 2 Tangent currently Emanate native The Same exterior Point

How to uncover an unknown angle utilizing the two-tangent theorem?

How To use The Two-Tangent organize To settle A Geometry Problem?

How To apply The Congruent Tangents organize Or Two-Tangent Theorem?

Common Internal and External Tangents

A usual tangent is a line that is a tangent to each of 2 circles. A usual external tangent does not intersect the segment the joins the centers of the circles. A typical internal tangent intersects the segment that joins the centers of the circles.

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Common Internal and External Tangents: recognize Lengths

A lesson on detect the length of common internal and also external tangents.

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