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Comfort the the Red searching HatThe novel The Catcher in the Rye through J.D. Salinger explores the pains of farming up with the experiences of Holden Caulfield, a 16 year old boy who has just flunked the end of school and also thinks he has nowhere come go. Holden feel detached and also has nobody to hear to him. Salinger starts turn off the novel through Holden to buy a red searching hat. This hat has actually a big peak and also funny looking earlaps. Holden doesn"t wear the cap in front of people since he think he looks stunner in it, but he put on it as soon as he is alone because it comforts him. The red hunting hat symbolizes Holden"s feeling of loneliness and alienation.
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Holden tries to fit into society but fails miserably. That is the manager that the fencing team in ~ Pencey prep. Top top the method to a fencing enhance in new York City Holden leaves the fencing tools on the subway. The totality team hates him for this, The entirety team ostracized me the whole way back on the train. It was pretty funny, in a way.(3) that didn"t know exactly how to cope with being therefore lonely and also left out of everything. Rather of do the efforts to occupational thing out through the team, since they don"t like him he tries come act cool choose he doesn"t care. Later on while the is sit in his room that talks about the hat he bought. It was this red hunting hat, with one of those very, really long peaks. I bought it just after ns noticed I"d lost all the goddam foils.(17) Holden buys the hat after he shed the foils and also when the members the the team ostracize him. The is alone in his room once he an initial puts the cap on and also seems to it is in alone many of the time he attract it. The cap comforts him and makes him feel much less lonely. Instead of being at the football video game he just sits in his room watching everyone have fun.Holden only feels comfortable wearing his searching hat once he is alone. He isn"t comfortable attract the hat in front of various other people, yet he states he thinks he looks an excellent in the hat. The way I wore it, i swung the old peak roughly to the back-very corny, I"ll admit, yet I favored it the way. I looked great in it the way.(18) he doesn"t treatment how that looks in private however he won"t wear it in public because it is funny looking. Holden pushes other human being away indigenous him. Holden is make the efforts to write a composition for Stradladter because he begged Holden to execute it due to the fact that he had actually a date, but Ackley, Holden"s acquaintance wouldn"t leave his dorm and also keeps bugging him. Holden is no wearing his cap while Ackley is in the room, yet once he gets him to leaving he puts on all his comfortable clothes including his hat. After that left, I put on mine pajamas and also bathrobe and also my old searching hat, and also started writing the composition.(37) He pushes away himself native Ackley by using the composition as an forgive to obtain him to leave. Holden doesn"t seem come be really comfortable roughly other people since he has never had actually a an excellent relationship v anyone in his life, that"s why he alienates himself native everyone. His cap is just worn once he is alone ~ he estranges people indigenous spending time in his room.When Holden pipeline Pencey for brand-new York City the is the center of the night, the is freeze cold out. My ears were nice and warm though. That hat ns bought had actually earlaps in it, and also I placed them on-I didn"t give a damn how I looked. Nobody was roughly anyway. Everybody was in the sack.(53) he is attract his hat as soon as he is every alone, but he renders himself alone. Holden didn"t must leave Pencey so late at night. He alienates himself from anyone else. Once he states Nobody was approximately anyway (53) shows exactly how alone he really is. The hat comforts him really much despite he appears to stay the hat when he is cold and also when a people are lonely and alienated human being are out in the cold. However it to be freezing cold, and also I took my red searching hat out of my pocket and also put it on-I didn"t provide a damn just how I looked.(88)The red searching hat is Holden"s defense from the world. He puts the on as soon as he is walking with the cold to save him warm. He likewise wears the hat as soon as he is walking down the street due to the fact that he won"t run into anyone that knows. Ns took my old searching hat the end of my bag while i walked, and also put it on. Ns knew ns wouldn"t meet anybody the knew me, and it was pretty damp out.(122) he wears the hat as soon as he knows that he won"t run right into anyone the he knows. He alienates himself from other people and also doesn"t desire to be checked out in the hat. Holden goes to watch Phoebe and also see how she is doing. Once Holden look at Phoebe he provides her his hunting hat. Then ns took my hunting hat the end of mine coat pocket and also gave it to her.(180) he does this therefore the cap can safeguard her indigenous the world. He to know it will carry out Phoebe more great than him; he desires to alienate she from human being that will certainly eventually end up hurting her.
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When Holden walk to talk to Phoebe he estranges himself also more. He speak Phoebe that he is going the end west to live. He leaves her a note to satisfy him at the museum. Once she says that she desires to go through him and also live out west he claims no. Can I go with you? No. Close up door up.(206) Holden tries to calm her down after she gets an extremely upset over no being able come go out west v him. She gives him back his searching hat which reflects that the is going to go the end west alone. Every she walk was, she took off my red searching hat hat-the one I provided her- and virtually chucked it right in my face.(207) Holden is alienating self from the only human that he has actually a partnership with when he will not allow Phoebe go the end west through him.Holden"s hat was his just protection native the people and world roughly him. He has actually no one to hear or speak to him. He has alienated self from everyone. Once he takes Phoebe to the park to walk on the merry walk round that starts come rain. Phoebe place his searching hat on that to protect him from the rain. It was the just thing that could protect him. He is therefore alone in life and also his just protection from the civilization is his red hunting hat. "Then what she did-it damn near eliminated me-she reached in my coat pocket and also took out my red hunting hat and also put the on mine head.(212) He just sat there in the rain watching Phoebe having fun. Him sitting in the rain shows that again the is out in the people alone. My hunting hat really gave me fairly a the majority of protection in a way, yet I obtained soaked anyway.(212-213) Holden is being protected by the hat but is still getting wet is saying the he has his hat however still is not fully protected from the world; he still has actually to resolve life.In the novel Holden go through countless life experiences that assist him flourish as a person. His red hunting hat is constantly by his side though. He alienates himself native every person in the book, also his little sister Phoebe that is the only person that accepts Holden for that he is. Holden only wears his hat once he is alone. He thinks it looks crazy on him, yet yet he doesn"t care if nobody sees it because it is an extremely comfortable. The is his protection from the human being that he is doing not have from friends and also family. Holden makes people leave his room due to the fact that he desires to it is in alone due to the fact that he doesn"t know how to resolve a relationship. His searching hat to represent his loneliness and also alienation because Holden only wears the hat as soon as he is alone. He wears the hat once he knows no one he knows will see him and pushes away himself native the civilization in doing so.
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