In 2010, Katy Perry released the hit song "Firework." Before dropping the single, Perry told MTV News that it to be "probably my favorite tune off the record," explicate it as "something I"m many proud of." She divulged, "People room coming back and virtually adopting it as their very own anthem, and it"s hard, ns think, to compose an anthem that"s not cheesy."

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Perry admitted, "I hope this might be one of those points where it"s like, "Yeah, I desire to placed my fist up and also feel proud and feel strong."" She called the outlet, "I think "Firework" is a real, ns guess, it would be choose the opus or my one track — if I had actually to pick a tune to beat — "cause it has actually a good beat. However it additionally has a terrific message." In another MTV News interview, the singer shared, "I think that"s why I composed it, is since I really believe in people and I think that civilization have a spark to be a firework."

The songwriter explained, "It"s just up come them, and also a most times it"s just us that"s stand in the means of reaching our goals, fulfilling ours destinies, gift the ideal version of who we possibly deserve to be, therefore that"s why I created it." as well as sharing her goal come motivate others with the song, Perry also opened up around what motivated her to write the track"s lyrics in the an initial place.

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Katy Perry described "Firework" as "a track where ns think my purpose to some people might adjust when lock hear it" once she spoke to Billboard in 2010. She revealed, "Basically I have actually this really morbid idea... Once I pass, I want to be put right into a firework and also shot across the skies over the Santa Barbara s as my critical hurrah," due to the fact that she "wants to be a firework, both living and dead."

She shared, "My boyfriend verified me a i out the Jack Kerouac"s book On the Road, around people that are buzzing and fizzing and also full the life and never to speak a commonplace thing." in ~ the time, Perry was date Russell Brand. She described that human being can "shoot throughout the sky prefer a firework and also make civilization go, "Ahhh." ns guess the making human being go "ahhh" is sort of prefer my motto," which lines up exactly with the song"s lyrics. 

Perry likewise discussed Brand"s book referral in a video clip that she common on her YouTube page, recalling, "I was introduced to this male by my boyfriend, that is a big fan, and he was just telling me around this book and how in the book, there"s a paragraph" the stood out to her. Once she read it, she thought to herself, "that"s that I feel like I am, that I want to be, that I want to surround myself with... Those type of firework people."

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Katy Perry described those "firework people" as those that "make life precious living 110% and also I think that creating the tune "Firework," having actually that inspiration, understanding that everybody deserve to be a firework. It"s simply all about you igniting the spark inside of you and also making human being go "aww" every minute of her life prefer doing that with objective every step" (via YouTube). She said that she"s "really proud the the song," in addition to admitting that it "would probably be my favourite on the record."

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In one more YouTube video, she said, "I think that in life people are tested to acquire to where they desire to be, come reach their goals. And, hopefully, they deserve to hear this song and find out that those difficulties aren"t really challenging to obtain past."

"With my story, it"s to be so many, ns guess "trials and tribulations," come like obtain to this place. It"s impressive to hear people get through things in life and reach their goals," Perry remarked. She specialized the music video clip to It it s okay Better, i beg your pardon is a "nonprofit organization with a mission come uplift, empower, and connect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth." She tweeted that she did for this reason "because everyone has actually the spark to be a FIREWORK."

While the "Firework" lyrics have a an extremely clear message, over there are many layers to the song, which is why the still resonates through so many world a decade after its release.