The national flag is blue through a yellow Nordic or Scandinavian overcome (a depiction of Christianity) that extends to the borders. The yes, really intersection the the overcome is positioned slightly left that the centre. The left is whereby it is hoisted and the left half of the flag is referred to as the hoist. The blue is symbolic that truth, vigilance, perseverance, loyalty and also justice;while the yellow is representative that generosity.

The colour of the flag are considered to have been influenced by the Coat that Arms, which is blue and gold. The background of this flag stems earlier to the 12th century however it is based on mythology as lot reputable info from the time is no available. From records the Swedish nationwide state flag seems to date back to 1569.

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The existing flag design and shape has remained in use because June 1906. Although the current flag is rectangular, it remained in bygone days double tailed and also triple tailed. All Scandinavian countries have the Scandinavian overcome on their nationwide flags.

No one might use the state flag without proper authorisation. The way the state flag is flown carries an interpretation and etiquette in its use is highly enforced. The flag is elevated up the flag pole or hoisted briskly and also lowered with more ceremony and slowly.

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one upside under flag denotes distress. While a half hoisted flag (taken half way up the flag pole) display screens grief or mourning. Dragging a flag follow me the floor is no at every dignified and displays disrespect to the swedish country.

the is extremely disrespectful to draw, mark, tear or adorn the flag with any extr markings or decorations. When a flag that does come to be worn v age, the is recipient to damage it in a respectful way.

Burning one old worn flag in privacy with treatment is the generally way of put an finish to together a flag. In there space designated flag days. On this allocated days the nationwide flag is hoisted and also flown on every public flag poles and buildings, indigenous sunrise come sunset. Exclusive poles may additionally fly the flag too on the days. The following are national flag days: •New year’s day ~ above 1 January •Namesday that the King ~ above 28 January – because that each day in the calendar year over there is the Old Swedish surname day calendar collection up through the swedish Academy in 1901. Over there is one intention to update the list every 15 years. •Namesday that the Heiress evident – 28 march •Easter Sunday - an initial Sunday ~ the an initial full moon top top or ~ 21 march •Birthday that the King – 30 April •May day – 1 might traditionally a feather festival and currently international Workers job •Pentecost - saturday Sunday ~ Easter Sunday •National day of – 6 June •Midsummer day - Saturday between 20 June and 26 June •Birthday that the Heiress evident – 14 July •Namesday of the Queen – 8 respectable •Election day – 2nd Sunday the September •United countries Day – 24 October •Gustavus Adolphus job – 6 November is once a distinct pastry v a coco or marzipan medallion that the king is offered to the general public •Alfred Nobel job – 10 December •Birthday the the Queen – 23 December •Christmas job – 25 December