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excursion, jaunt, outing, junket, pleasure trip, expedition, sashaynoun

a trip taken because that pleasure

"many summer excursions come the shore"; "it was just a satisfied trip"; "after mindful sashays right into the field"

digression, excursionnoun

wandering indigenous the main path of a journey

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A short recreational trip; a journey out of the usual way

While driving house I took an excursion and saw part deer.

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a to run or going out or forth; an expedition; a sally


a journey chiefly because that recreation; a satisfied trip; a short tour; as, one excursion into the country


a wandering from a subject; digression


length that stroke, together of a piston; stroke.

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An excursion is a expedition by a team of people, usually made for leisure, education, or physical purposes. That is regularly an adjunct come a longer journey or visit to a place, occasionally for various other purposes.Public transport companies concern reduced price excursion ticket to attract company of this type. Regularly these tickets are minimal to off-peak days or times for the destination concerned.Short excursions for education and learning or for observations of natural phenomena are called field trips. One-day educational field studies are frequently made by classes as extracurricular exercises, e.g. To visit a organic or geography feature.The ax is likewise used for brief military activities into foreign territory, there is no a formal notice of war.

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eks-kur′shun, n. A going forth: one expedition: a pilgrimage for pleasure or health: a wandering from the key subject: a digression.—adj. Excur′rent (bot.), projecting beyond the sheet or point.—vs.i. Excurse′, come digress; Excur′sionise, to go on an excursion.—n. Excur′sionist, one who goes top top a pleasure-trip.—adj. Excur′sive, rambling: deviating.—adv. Excur′sively.—ns. Excur′siveness; Excur′sus, a dissertation ~ above some certain point appended come a publication or chapter.—Excursion train, a unique train, typically with reduced fares, for persons making an excursion.

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From _ex_. Former, and also Grk. _kairo_, to enjoy. Hence, a tiresome journey--formerly an enjoyment--sold at half price.


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