A footballer's love life is other that seems to fascinate many and those who come to be romantically attached with a player are regularly scrutinised

WAGs (sometimes stylised Wags) is an acronym which represents "wives and also girlfriends" and it is predominantly supplied when introduce to the wives and girlfriends of well known athletes.

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The term WAGs is one i beg your pardon encapsulates a group, however its consumption has developed to the allude where a singular mam or girlfriend of a footballer is described as "a WAG".

Footballers and also athletes have always had wives and girlfriends (shock, horror), but they were no grouped under the umbrella that the hatchet WAGs till the 21st century.

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It to be popularised by the brother tabloid press, with some of the earliest well-known uses date to 2002 in the lead up to the civilization Cup in Japan and also Korea.

An post in the Daily Telegraph from may of that year explained that WAGs was the name provided to players" wives and girlfriends by staff at the Jumeirah Beach club in Dubai together they spent time with each other ahead of the FIFA tournament.

The records subsequently taken on the terminology and by the 2006 world Cup in Germany its use had become widespread, showing up in the sporting activities pages of various countries roughly the world.

WAGs can sometimes be seen as a pejoretive term, thanks to assorted tabloids transferring judgemental, misogynistic assessments that those who find themselves in the category.

As a result, there is photo of footballers" wives and girlfriends as simply spending your partners" money, something that Leanne Brown, mam of former Manchester unified defender Wes Brown, has decried.

"We have lived through the WAG stigma for so long," she claimed in an interview v the Guardian. "People were quick to brand me a ‘sponger’, simply for being a stay-at-home mum."

Now that you recognize what WAGs means, gaianation.net take away a look at at several of the famous faces seen supporting their far-reaching others in ~ games.

Famous football WAGs

Footballers that play at the greatest level often tend to obstacle shoulders with numerous high-profile individuals, so there are plenty that WAGs who were currently famous in their own right before coming to be romantically entangled v the sports stars.

For example, Victoria Beckham to be a member of the popular 1990s girl tape the freckles Girls prior to her marriage to previous Manchester United and also Real Madrid midfielder David Beckham. The Beckhams have actually ventured right into the people of fashion together and have four youngsters together.

Likewise, Colombian singer Shakira had a slew of hits and also awards under she belt by the time she started a partnership with Barcelona"s Gerard Pique. Your romance began in 2010 once they met on the set of the video for Shakira"s civilization Cup tune "Waka Waka (This Time because that Africa)" and also they now have two youngsters together.

Another individual who previously dropped into that category was ex-Girls great singer Cheryl, that was married to previous Arsenal and Chelsea defender Ashley Cole indigenous 2006 till 2010.

Interestingly, few of the most famous WAGs in football were in reality childhood sweethearts the footballers who stayed with their partners throughout their journeys.

Five-time Ballon d"Or winner Lionel Messi, because that example, is married come Antonella Roccuzzo, who hails native the very same city as the Barca captain and also knew him due to the fact that he was 5 years old. Messi and Roccuzzo married in 2017 and also have three youngsters together.

Coleen Rooney, wife of England"s record gaianation.netscorer Wayne Rooney, has actually been v the former Manchester joined striker since they were teenagers. The pair, who have four youngsters together, have remained an object despite much-publicised difficulties over the years.

While Messi is hitched come his childhood sweetheart, the Argentine"s long-standing competitor Cristiano Ronaldo met his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, simply a couple of years ago. Rodriguez"s file has, as one might expect, climbed considerably since her connection with Ronaldo came to be public and also the dancer is currently dabbling in modelling. She has actually a daughter through Ronaldo and also is additionally a mother figure to his three various other children.

Baywatch icon and former Playboy version Pamela Anderson to be a WAG because that a duration after entering right into a relationship with France international Adil Rami, yet the pair reportedly separation in so late 2018.

Tennis star Ana Ivanovic is married to world Cup winner Bastian Schweinsteiger, while actual Madrid defender Sergio Ramos is married to tv presenter Pilar Rubio. Ramos" Madrid team-mate Isco is in a connection with Spanish actress Sara Salamo, who credits include the film Wild Oats, starring Demi Moore and Jessica Lange.

Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards is the companion of Liverpool midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, if Manchester United"s David de Gea is in a permanent relationship through Edurne Garcia, a singer who represented Spain in the 2015 Eurovision tune Contest.

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Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski is married to Ana Lewandowska, who has actually represented Poland in World, European and national karate championships and his team-mate thomas Muller additionally married a sportswoman in the form of equestrian Lisa Trede.

Other famous WAGs incorporate models Abbey Clancy (wife that Peter Crouch), Ann-Kathrin Gotze (married come Mario Gotze) and also Sam Cooke (wife that Manchester united defender kris Smalling.)