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Push notifications and text messages are prime tools for audience engagement yet differ considerably in regards to your communication goals and their technique of delivery.

In this post, we’ll go over the basic differences in between push notifications and also SMS message messages so you can determine i beg your pardon is ideal to use v your customers for its intended purpose.

Communication goals: the difference between push notifications and also SMS message messages

Push notifications, or press messages, are one-way, short messages that originate native a mobile application to provide timely, appropriate content that urges the user to open up the app. Once an app is installed, push notifications are offered to lure users to routinely open the app. Because that example, a retailer will alert users about a revenue so they’ll shop in the application or a news application will send a notice about a newly published story therefore the user have the right to read it ideal away.

Businesses the are entirely app-based may heavily rely on push notifications for user engagement. Because that example, an app-based meditation agency could send press notifications come remind users that the time for their day-to-day mediation sessions.

A text message, however, doesn’t require the recipient to download an app since all of our phones have actually a default texting app. And also texting offers businesses much much more flexibility with just how they can interact with customers. Examples encompass marketing and also promotional text messages, an alarm or reminder message message, message customer service and much more. A text blog post is also different in that it’s sent and received native one device to another from a text massage app and can offer a two-way, conversational experience between two or more recipients.

Communication intentions aside, there are major operational distinctions between push notifications and texts.

1. How your customer have the right to opt-in and opt-out

A large difference between push notifications and also SMS message messages is just how your recipient can choose to get them on your mobile device.

With text messages, businesses generally must have actually consent from the recipient before they have the right to send texts. For marketing or sales purposes, express composed consent is required. Because that informational, non-telemarketing texts, businesses need either verbal or written consent. Consent deserve to be achieved in the kind of an opt-in text message.

To opt-out of message messages native a business, recipients generally reply to the text conversation through a solitary word, together as prevent or UNSUBSCRIBE, and they would immediately be removed from additional communications.

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Push notification consent is much different. Together an in-app function, users must go to the app’s settings to turn on notifications. Or they have the right to go to their phone’s basic settings to switch on the notifications there. The same procedure goes for opting out.

2. Where the recipient sees her message

Delivery is likewise a major difference between push notifications and also SMS text messages.

Push notifications popular music up on her screen, and if girlfriend don’t automatically tap ~ above the message, it will certainly disappear to your lock screen. As soon as you’re not using your phone, the an alert will sit on her lock display screen until friend tap on the or clear it. If the user happens to get a the majority of push notifications from other apps, your lock screen can acquire crowded, make it easy to skip yours. A push notification example can be seen right here (multiple notifications on a screen):


Push notice example: Here’s what press notifications might look prefer on a lock screen.

An SMS notification is an alarm that will pop up on your phone to let you know that you have actually a brand-new text message. SMS notifications look similar to a push notice but differ in a few ways. Friend can pick whether you want to check out a preview the the message you simply received in the notice itself or you can choose to not watch a preview and also only obtain a plain alert. The last may be favored for much more privacy.

Text messages are likewise stored in her phone differently than a press notification. If girlfriend don’t automatically open a text, it sit in your default messaging app where friend can accessibility it any time.

3. The content type and length

The form and size of content additionally differ in each medium. Push notifications are short, meant as a marketing tool to get your customers to interact with your application, while message messages have a functional length and can save on computer both marketing and informational messages for customer engagement.

Push notifications have actually a character border so that your article can appropriately show up on your recipient’s screen. Messages for Android must be around 60-90 and also less 보다 120 for iOS. And also the much shorter the better: push notifications that have actually 10 or under words acquire the finest click rate. The restricted space method you need to be crafty v your copy.

Text messages provide your service a lot more leeway v content. SMS texts have a 160-character limit, however if you’re utilizing business-texting software to text your customers, the limit have the right to be much much more flexible.

Texts can additionally include multimedia, such as images, and links so you have choices as to where you want to straight your client (any page of her website, her social media pages, etc.).

Push notifications don’t support multimedia content or links, just text (and emojis).

4. The sense of urgency to open up the message

Another difference to take into consideration is the sense of urgency the one feel to review either a push notice or a message message.

If a client has allowed many of your apps to send them press notifications, they might run the risk of skip the notifications once they pop up. A lock display screen can come to be cluttered with press notifications, making it much less likely they’ll be check out individually.

An SMS notification is harder to ignore. Many of us have actually a message tone enabled when we get an SMS notification. While sounds are an option for push notifications, customers might be selective particularly if they receive notifications from countless apps. Additionally, a text article is much much more exciting to us than a push notification. We reserve messages for friends, family and businesses that we trust, therefore we’re more likely come reach for the phone quicker when we acquire a text.

Should friend use press notifications or SMS notifications for her customers?

Knowing the difference between push notifications and also SMS text messages is key when deciding i m sorry to choose for her customers.

If you have an app as a primary or significant part of your organization model, you’ll want your user to interact with your application as lot as possible. Press notifications room the attention-grabbing device to perform that. However, if you have a broader communication goal, together as having actually engaging two-way conversations v customers, an application may not be the best means to continue to be in touch.

According come’s 2020 State of texting report:

64% of consumers room unlikely to download a business’s branded app.For those who carry out download an app, 61% space “very likely” come delete it shortly after.77% percent of consumers say their default texting app is their most-used messaging app.

When it involves communicating through a business, message messages are the preferred means to go since it’s a universal, easily accessible channel: 73% of consumers wish more businesses would usage texting to connect with lock (2018 text generation survey).

Using an application as the leading means to call your customers, therefore, isn’t an extremely cost-effective as also a little app through a couple of basic functions can gain quite expensive come build and maintain. A texting app, however, is already on a customer’s phone and also doesn’t need your organization to develop an application from scratch. (For a far better experience because that both businesses and also customers, a organization texting systems would be needed. See how works).

Use texting to obtain your customers’ fist for both general and also targeted communications

The simple text article is a powerful tool to ensure her customers actually check out your message. If a user can conveniently miss the ephemeral push notification, a text article is ceded to the recipient’s texting app where they deserve to reference it any kind of time they open up it. Our texting application helps to store us organized and ensures that new messages nothing get hidden in various other messaging apps downloaded on our phones.

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To learn an ext about the performance of texting for customer communication and also to continue to be on optimal of the latest service communication trends, read our cost-free 2021 State of texting Report.

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