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The flag that Nepal is a nonrectangular flag consist of of two triangular shapes. It has actually a crimson background v a dark blue border—both popular colors in Nepalese art and also decoration. The top segment has actually a white moon emitting eight rays, through a crescent enclosed below. A white, stylized sunlight with 12 light ray is in the flag"s bottom section.

The flag the Nepal consists of two symbols: the Sun and also Moon. They are associated with different Nepalese dynasties and also express the hope the the country may have actually the very same longevity together the Sun and also Moon.

nonrectangular nationwide flag consists of two united pennant (triangular flag) shapes. Nepal is the only country in the modern-day world that does not have actually a rectangular national flag. It is crimson through blue borders and incorporates stylized icons of the sun and also moon.

Hundreds that independent claims existed top top the Indian subcontinent prior to the duration of British control there in the 17th–19th centuries. Many of this countries, including Nepal, had actually state flags of your own, their icons usually representing the judgment dynasty. Frequently, the flag designs, shapes, and also colours to be (by european standards) unusual. Many of those flags disappeared as the British extended their control; the remainder lost international validity with the establishment of independent India in 1947.

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Nepal has remained a separate, can be fried kingdom and also proudly flies its classic flag, whose basic design dates back for centuries. The background color is crimson, the border a dark blue—both renowned colours in Nepalese art and decoration. In the top segment is a white moon create eight rays, with a crescent fastened below; in the bottom segment appears a white, stylized sunlight with 12 rays. These two symbols are associated with different dynasties and also express the hope that the nation may have actually the exact same longevity together the sun and moon. Originally, there were facial functions represented in red top top both the sun and also moon. The current flag, which omits those features, was created under the new constitution that December 16, 1962. The exact same symbols show up on the dozens of different civil and also military flags provided by Nepalese officials.