since centripetal pressure is the inward pressure required to keep things moving through a constant speed in one path and also centrifugal force is the apparent force the pulls an item from its centre or axis the rotation.

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As i was taught earlier in college that a satellite needs both centrifugal and also centripetal force, but personally, ns think it need to only it is in centripetal force, since the satellite quiet revolves around the earth, so whereby does centrifugal force come in?. Since the only reason a satellite can be pulled from its axis the rotation is if maybe an asteroid to be to hit it or some other reasons.

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Which force is compelled by a satellite revolving about the earth?

In the paper definition of the at this time accepted concept of gravity, basic (theory of) Relativity, the price is no pressure is required.

Consider the case of a ball forced into uniform one motion because of a string. According to an accelerometer attached to the ball, over there is a continuous magnitude acceleration directed towards the center of the one path; this is the centripetal acceleration required for uniform one motion. The centripetal force responsible for the acceleration is from the tension in the string.

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Now, think about an accelerometer attached come a sphere in a one orbit around the Earth. We might expect that the accelerometer top top the round reads the centripetal acceleration but, in fact, the accelerometer (ideally) reads zero! Evidently, there is no net force acting top top the orbiting ball. Why then does the sphere follow a one path?

On the GR view, the sphere is adhering to an unaccelerated path (geodesic) in spacetime that is curved by the mass of the earth (Spacetime tells matter how to move; matter tells spacetime exactly how to curve).