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can who tell me i tried the company manual however it doesnt tell me precisely where the at, I confirm the fuse box, yet it doesnt say anything around the speedometer fuse. Deserve to someone call me wherein its in ~ ?

can someone tell me ns tried the organization manual yet it no tell me exactly where that is at, I checked the fuse box, yet it no say anything around the speedometer fuse. Can someone phone call me whereby its at ?
Unless whatever else is dead in the instrument cluster, it"s no the fuse, yet if girlfriend insist inspect the ignition fuse.Do the tests because that the speedometer sensor. One of two people the sensor is bad, or you have actually a broken wire/connection, or tone ring issues. Over there is a chance the connection in the large connector in the reduced left fairing (for the cluster), is corroded as result of moisture.There have actually been numerous posts about speedometer issues, try searching also.
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