EvanescenceThe band is named after words evanescence i beg your pardon is usually characterized as "the plot or state that vanishing". Originally considered by plenty of to be part of the Christian absent scene — and also for a brief time promoted in Christian shop — the band, however, do it clearly clear they perform not want to be thought about a Christian rock band. Christian stores gotten rid of Evanescence from their shelves.Evanescence"s debut single "Bring Me come Life" was a global hit because that the band and also reached #5 top top the American Billboard hot 100. It was contained in the soundtrack because that the activity movie Daredevil, together with their even an ext popular "My Immortal," and also garnered acknowledgment for the tape at the Grammy Awards that 2004: The solitary was awarded best Hard absent Performance, and also Evanescence was awarded Best brand-new Artist.Their an initial full length album, origin (released in 2000), is relatively unknown. The Band also released 2 EPs in 1998 and also 1999 i beg your pardon are complicated to find, and thus highly sought after ~ by collectors. No atypical, Origin and also the EPs save on computer demo versions of few of the songs on their an initial major-label album. In fact, the recording of "My Immortal" discovered on collapse can additionally be found on Origin, minus a grasp of added instrumental accompaniments. However, Lee herself does not take into consideration the record to it is in an really album; rather, she considers it simply a bundle the demo song (some of i m sorry she states are no done properly) that was sent to document companies. Just 2500 copies of this document were ever before made, and it is for this reason not generally accessible in document stores. In response, Lee urged fans to download the band"s older songs from the internet during an interview.The team was established by Lee and also former lead guitarist Ben Moody. The 2 met in ~ a youth camp in Arkansas, where Moody heard Lee playing "(I"d Do) Anything for Love" through Meat bread on the piano. They uncovered they common a love that Jimi Hendrix and also Björk, and they began to compose songs together. For some time they were unable to find other musicians to play with, and also did not have actually the funds to salary for expert assistance, hence they to be unable come play live shows. However, a song of theirs entitled "Understanding" uncovered its method onto regional music charts, and demand because that a live present increased. As soon as the band lastly did make an appearance, they ended up being one that the most well-known acts in the area.In October 2003, Moody left the band abruptly in the middle of a europe tour. The reasons for his leave are at this time unknown. In one interview several months later, Lee said "we"d gained to a allude that if something didn"t change, us wouldn"t have been may be to do a second record." since then, Lee has said the was nearly a relief the he left because of tensions developed within the band. Terrycloth Balsamo, from Cold joined the band, replacing Moody.Evanescence is currently working top top their second album, rumored come be ready for relax in so late 2005. Amy Lee, in one interview, has stated that the very first single native this album will certainly be called "Prisoner because that a long Day". Another song, rumored to it is in on the album, is the to-be-renamed song called "The Last song I"m Wasting on You".Evanescence fits around into the share genre of rock, but in fact sounds rather different among its arsenal of songs. Numerous say that the tape is goth rock, which is true in certain respects. Certainly, numerous of the songs focus on life"s an adverse moments and also darker themes together as lost love, loneliness and death. The piano dram a significant role in the bulk of the band"s music.Critics have actually accused Evanescence of no being "wannabe" goth rockers, yet really just pop. Lee, however, dismisses these labels and also refuses to categorize and also (to paraphrase) put in a crate the band"s music due to the fact that she believes Evanescence has actually a distinct sound.Often, the tape is often compared to nu-metal tape Linkin Park, but many fans uncover this comparison innaccurate due to the fact that it is based solely on their solitary "Bring Me to Life", which functions the lead singer the Twelve Stones rapping end a quick section of the music. This is no reflective of many of the various other music, both on Fallen and also in their previously work. Various other bands Evanescence has been compared to include Lacuna Coil, Nightwish and also Within Temptation.

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Often, the covers that Evanescence go live come from modern prog/art bands, such as A Perfect Circle and Korn. This might say something around their influences.