Rediscover our previous – Live in the existing - through a desire to challenge Future

Our history goes back to the beforehand eighties. British Knights was launched by a new York based sporting activities footwear wholesaler as a fashionable different to the major "performance" sportswear brands. In the 1980-ies brothers Knights plainly distinguished itself by having actually a really own and particular character based upon extreme sports and having that certain British Knights metropolitan look. Motivation was found in the civilization of surf, skate and also hip hop.

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British Knights positioned themselves together an inner-city and music thrust brand, appealing to the mostly streetwise young people. And also as castle say: fortune favours the brave. British Knights grew to be a large hit! The slogan select Change! came to be the flourishing force behind brother Knights significant successes worldwide. The brand initials ‘B’ and also ‘K’ to be a generally used items in media, music and also on the streets. For example in the at an early stage nineties brothers Knights funded the famed number 1 American rappers MC Hammer and also LL Cool J. Also, brothers Knights to be the very first to make a commercial, which to be broadcasted top top the global music channel MTV.


British Knights, it’s a lifestyle!

Our existing image most definitely is pertained to our proud past. Continuing to create brand quality collections, which are fully orientated towards the recent trends. Creating cutting edge collections in which the key theme remains street wear based upon the hottest too much sports. The architecture is clean and also unified across the range, while great attention has actually been payment to details and finishes. Brother Knights knows there is an opportunity with footwear come be an innovative on countless levels and is utilizing this expertise to it is in its greatest strength.

British Knights will remain pushing chin to new levels.

What started as one unknown company in new York, has due to the fact that matured right into a major global famous brand. Quality, originality and also style room the structures of ours glorious past and that of our current successes, which convey the taste to difficulty the future through a enlarge and broader range of brothers Knights footwear.

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We space BORN FREE, let"s live favor it!

Humans space not produced boxes. We simply don’t fit. Us crave to walk our very own path. Why do we pander come others and also their expectations? civilization who eat through their elbow on the table. Human being who wait an hour before they swim. Human being who know no better. Answer to no-one however yourself. Make your own choices. Eat in the pool. Through your elbows in. Laugh if you have actually braces. Dress. Undress. Placed on mascara. Placed on manscara. Make up with colours. Comprise with black. Consist of your mind. Kiss him. Kiss her. Kiss both. It is in 15 once you’re 50. Select for yourself. There’s no wrong selection if it’s made v conviction.We space BORN FREE, let"s live favor it!Check out the BORN cost-free campaign →


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