John F. Kennedy, Jr. Was one of the world’s many eligible bachelors in the ’80s and also ’90s. A striking guy with great looks, he dated a slew the women, including Sarah Jessica Parker and Cindy Crawford, before he married his wife, Carolyn Bessette in 1996.

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He also had a partnership with actor Daryl Hannah, but he broke things off with her since of her dog.


John F. Kennedy Jr. And also Daryl Hannah ~ above their means to wedding | Brian Quigley/The LIFE photos Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images

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John F. Kennedy, Jr. And also Daryl Hannah met on vacation in St. Martin

The so late political heir and The Fury star initially met the in the early ’80s while they were every vacationing with their families in St. Martin. According to Steven M. Gillon’s biography America’s wake up Prince: The Life of john F. Kennedy Jr., Kennedy via InStyle was automatically intrigued by Hannah. “John discovered it odd that Daryl seemed to lug a teddy bear with her wherever she walk but also found her fascinating,” Gillion wrote.

However, the pair go not start dating till 1988 and also they were no an exclusive couple until 1992 once Hannah finally ended things with her supposedly abuse ex-boyfriend, singer-songwriter, Jackson Browne.

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The media was immediately obsessed v Daryl Hannah and John F. Kennedy, Jr.

The media was instantly obsessed v Hannah and also Kennedy together. The Splash star was provided to being publically hounded and also harassed. Therefore, being with a Kennedy was nothing out of the ordinary for her.

She was also up because that staging in ~ a roller-blading day dating through him complying with his mother, Jackie Kennedy’s fatality to distract the media indigenous their constant gossip about their relationship and also breakup rumors.

However, the reality was, Kennedy was over his connection with Hannah by the time his mom died.

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John F. Kennedy, Jr. Finished his connection with Daryl Hannah since of her dog

Despite being fascinated by steel Magnolias star, Kennedy can not cope with several of Hannah’s quirks. “John just found Daryl therefore self-absorbed,” Gillon told InStyle. The late businessman’s last straw in the partnership all boiled down to Hannah’s dogs.

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In America’s wake up Prince, he explains that just days prior to Jackie Kennedy’s death, the editor uncovered himself throughout the nation in L.A. In ~ a funeral because that Hannah’s dog. The couple fought because Hannah to be angry the Kennedy walk not choose a much more elaborate crate for the dog’s ashes.

“That just infuriated him,” Gillon said. “And also after died, Daryl had one more dog that was sick, and also John to be up in Martha’s Vineyard or Hyannis Port, and also Daryl’s ~ above the phone call talking about her dog all the time, and also John is there in the kitchen through Sasha Chermayeff, and he says, ‘Can you believe this. I simply lost my mom, and also all she wants to talk about is her sick dog.’”

Though Kennedy stuck points out because that four an ext months adhering to his mother’s death, the breakup was a really long time coming.