Electricity helps us to appreciate countless luxuries that we have actually in ours lives—luxuries such together making a great cup that coffee in the morning and also staying up-to-date with the news.

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Even though it’s one of the most powerful things we usage daily, it has actually limitations. This is especially true for civilization who travel to different areas about the world. Even though a specific appliance works at home, that doesn’t median it will also work in an additional country.

Many people are able to answer, "can ns plug a 220V right into 110V" the difficult way, which deserve to be quite frustrating. That always better to prepare you yourself for an upcoming pilgrimage to protect yourself and your tools by knowledge voltage and how it works.

What wake up if ns Plug a 220V right into a 110V?

If you to be to execute some research, it’s most likely you’ll hear fear stories about people doing the opposite. The quite regularly that human being plug 110V appliances right into a 220V outlet, which deserve to be extremely hazardous. However, plugging a 220V into a 110V can be equally together dangerous, simply not together immediate.

Outlets space designed in a way to carry out a specific amount of existing to everything is plugged into them. This is due to the fact that they take it a details amount of power from an entire circuit in her home. As soon as you plug one appliance right into the outlet, it’s going to obtain a certain amount the power.


Therefore, if you to be to plug a 110V maker into a 220V outlet, that going come get dual the amount of strength that it needs. This have the right to lead to an prompt burn the end of your gadgets or an electric fire.

On the other finish of the spectrum, plugging a 220V an equipment into a 110V outlet could seem safe; however, that not. You’ll uncover that your an equipment will occupational at first, but after a brief period, the going come going to burn out the outlet.

In many cases, your device won’t even acquire enough power to start up. This is specifically true if you’re using a high-draw appliance such together a hair dryer or a coffee maker.

This is a giant concern to take it into worry if she traveling. Not only have the right to it it is in frustrating being unable to usage your appliances since of different wattages. It can also be dangerous and also put girlfriend in a precarious place if anything to be to go wrong. This is why more people opt to stay on the safe side and consider voltage converters (also known as power converters) for your travels.

The services of Voltage Converters

It’s always better to be safe quite than sorry when answering, can I plug a 220V into 110V. As soon as you’re visiting a country that you’ve never been come before, you’re walk to want to execute research.

Before purchase any type of converter, it’s ideal you learn about the power ratings in the country you’re visiting. You could even find that your outlet voltage already coincides v the electronic devices you’ll it is in using. Voltage converters are very intuitive tools that give you the ability to use any appliance anywhere in the world, as well as other benefits.

Lightweight and also Compact

Voltage converters space designed for travelers or civilization who have recently relocated to a new country. This means they are likewise meant to be stored in tiny spaces.

A converter’s lightweight and also compact design make it basic to throw in a carry-on or also a backpack. You can additionally guarantee castle won’t take up a lot of room on an outlet. It’s far much easier than attempting come rewire an entire home if you’re abroad.

Worldwide Compatibility

Another huge advantage come these devices is they’re frequently designed to job-related in countless countries. You’ll an alert that most converters work in 150+ countries, an interpretation you only have to invest in one product for all of your travels.

It’s a fantastic way to conserve time and also effort if you discover yourself going native one location to another. Additionally, it means that you can also use the machine at home.


Multiple port Connections

More regularly than not, voltage converters have more than one port for you to use. Depending on the model you choose, you can find the it has a combination of USB and AC harbor for large and small-scale electronics. This likewise helps come open much more spaces for you to charge and use your tools at the very same time. No to cite you can help other civilization in your party once they want to usage their electronics.

Affordable Convenience

For all of the conveniences converters need to offer, you’ll be surprised at just how affordable they are. In most cases, friend can discover models for simply over $25, and they are developed to last end the years. With that being said, you’ll want to make sure you pick one that has actually plenty of long lasting features. Girlfriend may also want to make sure it comes v a travel situation for added protection.

Built-in security Features

Each voltage converter needs to pass safety tests before being offered on the market. This method they have plenty of integrated safety functions to give you tranquility of mind. Many units will have actually surge protection, over-circuit protection, overheating protection, and more. Plenty of even offer automatic shutters that stop you indigenous accidentally poignant live materials of the machine when it’s plugged in.

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Final Thoughts

Being able come answer, deserve to I plug a 220V right into 110V will keep you safe while traveling. In many cases, you will do it be protected due to the fact that the outlet most likely won’t offer you sufficient power to rotate on the appliance. However, if you leave it plugged in for too long, the could reason the outlet or the mechanics that the maker to burn out. To play the safe, it’s constantly recommended friend invest in a voltage converter.