Pastors and ministry leaders gain this concern a lot, “What is the proper/correct means to dispose of one old bible?”

It’s no something you yes, really think around until you find yourself with an old, worn scriptures in one hand and also a shiny new one in the other. Or till you inherit a little library and also find an old family holy bible on a shelf. Yet it’s a good question.

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There is no a Single, Proper method for disposing of Old Bibles

It appears like an event that should have some assigned ascendancy or ritual—like getting rid of of a tart flag—but that doesn’t. There is no one, ultimately “correct,” means to dispose of an old bible.

On the one hand, as Christians, we respect words of God in its printed kind and we treat ours bibles lovingly because that what they contain. Yet while us love and also cherish the word of God, us don’t prayer the file it is printed on or the leather than holds that together. (It is no “bad luck” to recycle one old, worn the end bible.)

So the price to, “How must I dispose of an old bible?” or, “What must I perform with one extra bible?” is really everything you deem many respectful.

What is the most respectful way to off-load an old or extra bible? Send it to us.


As you read this, there are countless civilization all end the civilization who are praying for a holy bible of your own, since prayer is the only means they’ll ever get one. What might be more respectful of the word of God than to share it v someone who desperately needs it?

From Zimbabwe:

Martin has actually returned native distributing Bibles come pastors that in turn gave to your evangelism pastors, who then visited bless hospitals, prisons, and also schools.

One exceptional testimony to be of a young lady called Sera that wanted to burn it s her up due to the fact that she shed her mother and also father that passed away in a motor auto accident 3 months ago. Climate on height of that, her husband walked the end on her and left her with 4 children. The was choose the gates of hell pounced on her.

The impressive thing is the Bibles the Martin took was at the right time to conserve this mother of four. They ministered come her and also read the Story that Job. She had actually never heard of the in her entire life. When she heard it, she broke down and also wept and also wept and also then gave her life come JESUS and also was a brand brand-new soul and mother.

Options for disposing of Old Bibles

Let’s look in ~ other famous options:

Rebind it — If the covering is damaged or a section has come loose from the binding, girlfriend can constantly have the restored. Our society tends to throw away and also replace points that gain damaged, however your scriptures deserves better. If it have the right to be restored, this is a great option..Recycle it — it is, after all, paper. Comparable to the above, though, us don’t recommend it, as it casually dismisses the potential of even a piece of oh my god word..Donate it — We’ve seen an ext old, damaged bibles than many people and also we have the right to still say this is the finest option!Listen to our founder, Steve Schmidt, re-publishing a testimony indigenous India around just how far our brothers and sisters around the world are willing to walk for a bible:

Common Objections come Donating Old Bibles

There space some common circumstances, questions, and also objections that arise as soon as we talk about donating old, worn bibles.

1. However my old scriptures is in English.

We’ve been sending old, donated English bibles come the mission field for more than 40 years and also not once has actually a distributor or objectives partner said, “I really can’t usage these due to the fact that they’re in English.”

Many nations and also communities about the world—like Nigeria and also Ghana—have teach English in their institutions for years, and also one quarter of India’s 1.4 billion world speak and also read English. Most of our distributors repeatedly ask because that more.

From India:

With her prayerfully support, we have actually been maybe to aid Pastors and missionaries with bibles and other books and also the works of evangelism to be expanded and also the glorious blog post of Gods saving power had reached plenty of regions the this component of the world, however still there are millions souls approximately us who have actually never heard the gospel that Jesus Christ and also His saving power. Ours friends from the goals fields and pastors from many different churches were created me and also asking me to assist them together usual.

2. What about my old holy bible that’s falling apart or badly damaged?

First, “badly damaged” to most westerners is no “badly damaged” to civilization who routinely need to bury their Christian literary works in the floor to stop its being found by authorities. Or to world who bring their bibles with jungles and over mountain ranges to share the gospel with people.

But even if that is—even if pages space falling the end and fifty percent of Revelation is missing—it is still much more of words of God 보다 most people in the people will ever hold in their hands.

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It periodically feels practically rude or discourteous to donate a an extremely damaged bible, yet if you might ask our brothers and sisters in Africa and Asia even if it is they would favor 95% the a holy bible or no scriptures at all … they would certainly kiss her hands for providing them 95% that a bible.

If it still bothers you to donate a torn up bible, us invite you to buy a few new ones and send lock with your old one.