Aspirin is a nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) provided to relieve mild come moderate aches and pains, swelling, and also fever.

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Aspirin overdose occurs once someone by chance or purposely takes an ext than the regular or recommended amount that this medicine. This can take place in 2 ways:

If a human accidentally or deliberately takes a very big dose the aspirin at one time, that is dubbed an acute overdose.If a normal daily dose the aspirin builds up in the body end time and causes symptoms, it is dubbed a chronic overdose. This may happen if your kidneys do not work correctly or when you are dehydrated. Chronic overdoses room usually watched in older world during warm weather.

This short article is for details only. Perform NOT usage it to treat or regulate an yes, really overdose. If friend or someone you room with overdoses, call the neighborhood emergency number (such together 911), or the neighborhood poison center can be reached directly by call the national toll-free Poison help hotline (1-800-222-1222) from everywhere in the joined States.

Poisonous Ingredient

Acetylsalicylic acid

Where Found

Aspirin is additionally known together acetylsalicylic acid and also can be uncovered in countless prescription and over-the-counter pains relievers, including:

Alka SeltzerAnacinBayerBufferinEcotrinExcedrinFiorinalPercodanSt. Joseph"s

Note: This list may not it is in all-inclusive.

Airways and also lungs:

Rapid breathingSlow, labored breathingWheezing

Eyes, ears, nose, and also throat:

Ringing in the earsBlurred vision

Nervous system:

Agitation, confusion, incoherence (not understandable)CollapseComa (lack that responsiveness)SeizuresHeadache (severe)Unsteadiness, difficulties moving



Stomach and also intestines:

DiarrheaHeartburnNausea, vomiting (sometimes bloody)Stomach pain (possible bleeding in the stomach and intestines)

Symptoms that chronic overdose might include:

FatigueSlight feverConfusionCollapseRapid heart beat

The complying with information is advantageous for emergency assistance:

Person"s age, weight, and also conditionName the the product (ingredients and also strengths, if known)Time it was swallowedAmount swallowed

However, do NOT delay calling for assist if this information is not automatically available.

Your local poison control center can be reached straight by phone call the nationwide toll-free Poison aid hotline (1-800-222-1222) from almost everywhere in the united States. This hotline will let you talk to specialists in poisoning. Lock will provide you more instructions. This is a complimentary and confidential service.

All regional poison regulate centers in the United says use this national number. Friend should speak to if friend have any questions around poisoning or poison prevention. It does NOT must be one emergency. Girlfriend can call for any reason, 24 hours a day, 7 job a week.

Take the container through you to the hospital, if possible.

The health care provider will certainly measure and monitor the person"s crucial signs, including temperature, pulse, breath rate, and also blood pressure.

Symptoms will be treated together appropriate. The human being may receive:

Activated charcoalAirway support, consisting of oxygen, breath tube with the mouth (intubation), and ventilator (breathing machine)Blood and urine testsChest x-rayECG (electrocardiogram, or love tracing)Fluids v the vein (intravenous or IV)LaxativeMedicines come treat symptoms

Other medicines may be provided through a vein, consisting of potassium salt and sodium bicarbonate, which help the body eliminate aspirin the has currently been digested.

If this treatments perform not work or the overdose is exceptionally severe, hemodialysis (kidney machine) might be essential to reverse the condition.

In rare cases, a breathing device may be needed. Plenty of poisoning experts think this causes much more harm than good, so that is only used as a really last resort.

A toxicity dose of aspirin is 200 to 300 mg/kg (milligrams every kilogram of human body weight), and also ingestion the 500 mg/kg is possibly lethal. In chronic overdose a reduced level the aspirin in the body can result in severe illness. Much reduced levels can affect children.

If treatment is delayed or the overdose is large enough, symptom will proceed to get worse. Breathing becomes incredibly fast or might stop. Seizures, high fevers, or fatality may occur.

How fine you do depends substantially on how much aspirin your body has took in and just how much is flowing with your blood. If you take a big amount the aspirin but come easily to the emergency room, treatments may assist keep your blood levels of aspirin an extremely low. If you carry out not acquire to the emergency room fast enough, the level the aspirin in her blood can end up being dangerously high.

Alternative Names

Acetylsalicylic mountain overdose


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