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I’m a huge movie watcher, and I love taking advantage of movie deals like the popular Netflix complimentary trial or RedBox free rental codes. Yet one the these almost came ago to haunt me, through no fault of mine own. Ns recently had actually a scare once I returned a movie come Red Box and didn’t obtain confirmation the movie to be accepted.

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It showed up as though something to be wrong due to the fact that the return didn’t seem come go as it generally would. If you have ever before used a Red box machine, you space probably acquainted with the process – girlfriend touch the screen and also select “return movie” then place the movie into the return slot. Climate the machine grabs the movie and also sucks it into the inner depths of the an equipment where the movie is then videotaped with a time stamp and also your account is updated. The display screen displays a blog post that the movie return was accepted and you usually get a check e-mail in ~ moments.

My return didn’t rather go choose that. I slid my movie right into the device and instead of the Red Box machine sucking the movie into the slot prefer it typically does, it seemed stuck. I offered it a small prod with my finger and also it sucked in a small more, then got hung up. After a moment the door closed and also the movie disappeared. Ns didn’t obtain a thank screen or a return confirmation – the display just went back to the welcome page. Unfortunately, the temperature was in the single digits and I didn’t feel like standing around. So i went home. No e-mail confirming the return awaited me when I obtained home. And also there wasn’t one the adhering to day either. Then i started getting concerned.

Finally, I dubbed customer service and also explained the situation. Lock looked up my account info (all they needed was my very first and critical name, the last 4 digits of the credit transaction card ns used and the billing zip code of the card). After I explained the situation, they offered me a return exception, and explained the you have the right to only acquire one of these over the life of her account. The customer service rep then described that following time miscellaneous happens, I require to contact them if I’m was standing in prior of the device so they deserve to record the time, date, and other crucial information (as well together schedule a service call if the is necessary).

What if you lose a Red crate DVD?

So currently you know what to do if her Red box DVD isn’t changed properly… so what around if you shed a Red box DVD? Well, there isn’t a entirety lot you can do various other than confront the music. Below are the rental state from the check e-mail Red Box sends out out as soon as you rental a movie:

“For each day you store a rental, you’ll be charged the nightly fee + tax. You have actually 25 days to return the movie before the system instantly charges friend the purchase price the the bowl ($25 + taxes for traditional DVDs and also $34.50 + taxation for Blu-ray™ Discs), and the movie is yours to keep.”

So basically, be ready to pay about $50 for the DVD girlfriend lost, or $72 for a shed Blu-Ray (25 job
$1.50 + $34.50). That’s a relatively steep price to pay as soon as you think about what it would price to purchase a movie at best Buy or another large box retailer. Yet RedBox also lost the end on business due to the fact that you lost their DVD, so it provides sense on your end. The best thing to execute is call RedBox customer service immediately if you shed your DVD.

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