Today the 1926 nickel value begins at $0.65. The price is because that a greatly worn coin, in what is recognized as "Good" condition.


However the branch mint worries of the 1926 Buffalo nickel are rather elusive, any kind of you uncover has an excellent value. This old nickels were produced at three various locations, each valued separately, v the san Francisco mint coin together the standout piece.

Next, the quantity of wear and abuse your coin has sustained plays vital role in the 1926 nickel value. Examine each carefully, how well the coin has survived determines exactly how much that is worth.

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The "uncirculated" example pictured, due to the fact that of its wonderful quality, is high on the desire lists of collectors and rare coin dealers.

With the strong 1926 nickel value of the branch mints, recognize one is a potential sweetheart in your box of old coins.


Of the three mints that produced Buffalo nickels, the 1926 "S" is the one you are hoping to find.

The little "S" located on the reverse indicates the coin was produced in mountain Francisco. The next in worth is the Denver mint coin identified by a "D". And third place in value, the Philadelphia mint, go not usage a mintmark.

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1926 Nickel ValueCondition the CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1926 Nickel value Updated2021
1926$0.68 $1.94 $9 $29
1926 D$6.72 $22 $109 $227
1926 S$15 $58 $434 $2,949

High 1926 Nickel worth at Auction

The 1926-S Buffalo nickel through a an extremely low initial mintage the 970,000 coins has from the beginning been one of the more elusive dates in the series.

Finding one of these rare nickels in worn, circulated condition is a prize worth $14 or more. Finding one in suburb "uncirculated", still in brand new condition is learning a treasure precious $3,000 to $3,200. So couple of of the 1926-S nickels have actually survived in Uncirculated condition and also the need from collectors has pushed the value into the countless dollars.

How high have the right to the price for one of these rare coins go?

Recently at a David Lawrence rare Coin Auction $17,250 was forced to be the win bidder top top a very choice 1926-S Buffalo nickel. A truly superior coin, this nickel radiated top quality through the soft toning and further adding to its appeal space the abrasion cost-free surfaces the a well struck coin.

Serious collectors assembling the best Buffalo nickel collections space willing to aggressively bid ~ above the right coins. The 1926 nickel is one coin to closely examine before precise value is identified or come receive full price if marketing your coins.

Finding exact 1926 Nickel Value

The second fifty percent of her value examination is judging the condition of your buffalo nickel and also determine its grade.

As checked out in the chart over a difference in "Grade" to produce a large swing in the 1926 nickel value.