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Texas' blue warrants space executed because that the arrest that parolees who have actually violated your parole or that are around to violate your parole.


Before Texas detainees are inserted on parole, castle must first complete a minimum recommended jail sentence and also gain approval for relax from the parole board. In stimulate to receive parole, potential parolees have to agree to specific conditions in order to obtain parole:

They will continue to be under court supervision.They must meet regularly v their assigned special amnesty officers.They must finish a specified variety of hours of community service.They must acquire gainful employment.

In Texas, parole violations bring about a referee issuing a blue warrant that calls for the arrest the the special amnesty violator. Blue warrants space so-named because, traditionally, they to be issued in a blue jacket.

Why room They referred to as "Blue" Warrants?

Blue warrants room so-named because, traditionally, they to be issued in a blue jacket.

When are Blue Warrants Issued?

They space usually authorize whenever a parolee has actually been charged through a technical violation of parole by his or her parole officer. Technological violations include additional criminal offenses and also failure to attend required meetings with the special amnesty officer. In either of these 2 cases, the parolee will certainly be arrested under the blue warrant and held till the referee determines the punishment for violating his or she parole.

Blue warrants can likewise be offered to provide "jail therapy" come a parolee who's headed for trouble yet hasn't actually violated parole yet. Jail therapy is meant to offer the parolee a few days to chill out and re-examine the alternatives to his or her current path.

What Happens when You're Arrested Under This Warrant?

When parolees space arrested under a blue warrant, they are entitled come a preliminary hearing. They additionally have the appropriate to a revocation hearing, however not come bail. This parolees are allowed a written notification of the violations they accused committed and the evidence to earlier up the allegations.

At the hearing, castle can contact defense witnesses and cross research prosecution witnesses. Their civil liberties to depiction is limited, however, and even then, revocation lawyers may or may not have the ability to reduce the punishment and also get special amnesty re-instated. That all relies on the violation(s) that caused the blue warrant to it is in issued in the very first place.


There are three potential outcomes come a blue warrant hearing.

First, the parole gets re-instated.Second, the parolee gets assigned come a halfway home or is offered other intermediate transforms to the terms of his or she parole.Finally, the parole is revoked and the parolee is went back to prison to offer out the remainder of the sentence.

Why would certainly Parole be Revoked?

Reasons because that revocation that parole include the following:

The prisoner need to never have gotten parole in the first place.The parolee committed an additional crime while the end on parole.The parolee's actions if on parole reason him/her come be thought about a "danger to society."

Problems v "Jail Therapy"

Increases in blue warrant arrests have actually led to an increase in the inmate population in ar jails across Texas. Neighborhood sheriffs, in charge of the overcrowded regional jails, complained that Texas State parole police officers were misusing blue warrants for "jail therapy" and causing overpopulation in the county jails with parolees taking up valuable bed space.

The neighborhood sheriffs contended that the non-violent parolees who had committed only minor parole infractions need to be permitted to be released on bail when awaiting their parole hearings. They additionally contended the those parolees with only minor infractions can end up shedding their jobs, which can lead come a more crucial parole violation.

Jail Overcrowding

The Texas Sheriffs combination endorsed a bill, which governor Rick Perry vetoed in 2007, that would have enabled judges to worry bonds or bail requests because that blue warrant parolees. The thinking for his veto was the Texas' peak 10 fugitives (who were every blue warrant violators in ~ the time) would have actually been eligible because that bail if awaiting their parole hearings. Since at the very least some of the parolees are thought about flight risks, this legislation is not most likely to be modified any type of time soon.


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Julie on might 30, 2019:

My husband was mistakenly accused for tampering v a angry which was dismissed. That is currently waiting in jail for the PBH answer. Currently that that agreed to waive his hearing rights since the parole officer said it would relocate things faster, the special amnesty is stating he has three technological violations before he visited jail for this charge. I have actually signed files proving he confirmed up. For this reason why space they law this? If the prisons and jails space full and our jail is dual due to one more county obtaining shut down, then why hold him? What are they trying come prove here?

B on may 07, 2018:

My boyfriend acquired arrested the day before he obtained released on parole recorded a brand-new charge parently he's not on parole no more they signed his papers and also he's off but how long does it take because that a blue warrant to be taken turn off cuz he's already been in there because that a month and also then us weren't quiet hasn't come off how long does the take

Michelle on march 21, 2017:

My son had his parole revoked end a month ago and is still sitting in ar jail waiting for his blue warrant to it is in lifted for this reason he have the right to go to TDC. Each office contacted blames it on an additional office speak it is not their duty to background it.

His parole was a hoax from the beginning. He had a job less than 2 mainly after gaining out of prison and also he lost it because his special amnesty officer made the take turn off or walk in late since she wanted him in her office 3 or 4 days a week. She could have had him come in one complete day come get everything she needed taken care of and he would certainly still have his job.

Marcos top top December 04, 2016:

I am right now on parole i receieved a new Felony fee Thursday del that cs

1 come 4 grms second degree felony i called my P.O after i bonded out friday defined the case that the drugs where discovered in the car not on mine possession and the where two other suspects in the vehicle. ..She desires me to fulfill her in the office monday because that a U.A an a visit ns scared she is gonna arrest me top top a Blue warrant for receiving a brand-new felony charge however she stated she WASN'T she called it "Continued supervision pending revocation upon conviction" ....does this sound true or just a hoax to acquire me to come in for this reason she have the right to arrest me? please help....

Joan Whetzel (author) on respectable 30, 2012:

Yeah, Texas is hard on that is parolees. I think it's expected to keep them on the straight and also narrow therefore they don't land earlier in prison. I can't tell if it's functioning or not.

Ausseye on respectable 28, 2012:

Hi Joanwiz: An amazing read as I constantly thought Texas to be an outlaw state. Sound prefer parolees have actually a ‘blue’ ( Australian word definition fight) through the State legal System and also come out through a loss. Sad come hear together making that after jail is really, really hard anyway- supplied to work with ex-prisoners so know the hardships.

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Joan Whetzel (author) on respectable 23, 2012:

Yeah, it's important an high-quality proposisition. Getting out of trouble ain't cheap.

Angela Blair from main Texas on august 21, 2012:

I've only recently become aware of what a money-grubbing, unrealistic case being a parolee in the State that Texas entails. It's past me just how anyone deserve to pay the fees/costs assorted through being on parole in the first place -- i think I'd just provide up and go come prison prior to I went bankrupt make the efforts to salary the State's ridiculous fees. Great Hub -- Best/Sis