You can find fuser roller in every laser printer. After consistent use this fuser assembly gets dirty, which have the right to adversely affect the quality of printouts produced by that printer. Therefore, professionals recommend that for proper functioning of her laser press you should clean the fuser rollers at constant intervals. In this guide, we will certainly tell friend what is a fuser in laser printer and how we deserve to clean it in order to acquire the ideal print top quality from the printing device.

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What is Fuser in Laser Printer?

Fuser assembly is composed of two pairs that rollers. The reduced fuser roller, additionally known as the push roller, is a soft rubber roller. While the upper fuser roller, also known together the warmth roller, is a hole aluminum tube coated v Teflon that consists of a heating facet inside it.


At the moment of printing, the powdered toner is put on the print paper. This printing record then travels with these 2 fuser rollers. This way the printing document is based on heat and pressure in ~ the very same time, i beg your pardon melts the toner and also creates the wanted printout.

Precautions To be Taken While clean Fuser

Fuser rollers often tend to get very hot when printing. Therefore, before beginning the cleaning procedure you have to let the printer cool down.If girlfriend don’t have the right cleaning fluid, then go for isopropyl alcohol. Never use rubbing alcohol together it may have actually some ingredients which will continue to be on the fuser surface ar after cleaning. Also, protect against using harsh chemicals because that cleaning the rollers.Fuser roller surface ar is made-up of a Teflon film the can quickly get damaged. Therefore, apply gentle push while clean the roller.

How We can Clean a press Fuser?

We will define the procedure of cleaning a press fuser below. The process may be slightly different for every laser printer depending on its manufacturer and model number, but the main point operations will continue to be the same.

Open the prior cover of her printer.


2. Now, open the fuser cover.


Now you will be able to see the fuser system of 2 rollers. The rubber roller is the pressure roller and also the tough roller is the boil roller.


Check carefully for the present or any other defects in the rollers, choose dust corpuscle or pieces of paper.


Dampen a noodle swab with cleaning fluid and also start to clean the visible sections of the fuser rollers. Use light press while cleaning.


Once this cleaning process is completed. Close the fuser cover, climate the former cover of your printer. Now, fuser will move into another position. After ~ a couple of seconds, again follow the measures 1 come 5 given above. Repeat this procedure until the fuser rollers are fully clean.

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If your laser printouts are reflecting black or grey streaks, climate most more than likely fuser rollers have become dirty. Nothing worry, by adhering to the information offered in this overview you will be able to clean your press fuser rollers easily and also properly. However, you should remember the cleaning a fuser in laser press is not going to work if the roller is damaged or worn-out.