An “own recognizance” release lets someone gain out that jail after an arrest without having actually to post bail. Also known as an “O.R. Release,” it allows a defendant walk based solely on his or promise to appear in court.

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Getting out of jail on one’s very own recognizance can frequently save a criminal defendant hundreds of dollars in bail costs.

But acquiring out without bail is no automatic (with the exception of Los Angeles County, where most arrestees may obtain released without bail). And also not every arrestee is eligible.

Who is eligible for an “O.R.” release in California?

Anyone charged v a California criminal offense can, in theory, be granted one O.R. Relax unless:

The charged offense is one punishable through death, Letting the defendant the end will compromise public safety, or There room no reasonable assurances the the defendant will show up in court. 1

As a handy matter, however, defendants frequently have to fight to it is in freed native jail without bail. And also that’s wherein we come in.

Our lawyers encompass former prosecutors and cops. We know the California criminal justice mechanism inside and out. Together a result, we know the most effective disagreements to to convince judges to approve O.R. Releases.

To aid you better understand just how to gain an O.R. Release, ours California criminal defense lawyers discuss the following, below:

4. Offenses that need a formal O.R. Relax hearing

1. How does someone obtain out of jail after ~ an arrest in California?

In California there space three ways to acquire released indigenous jail after being arrested:

By citation

With plenty of low-level misdemeanors — such as a “typical” first-time DUI arrest – the officer will just hand someone a citation to appear.

By posting bail

California bail laws enable people to short article security because that future court appearances. This security is known as “bail.”

California legislation recognizes three forms of bail:

Cash bail, Bail bonds, or home bonds.

As long as the arrestee renders his or she court appearances, the bail will be refunded when the case is resolved. But if the individual falls short to appear in court, the bail will be forfeited.

By one “own recognizance” (“O.R.”) release

Sometimes a human being can acquire out that jail merely by promise to show up for every court appearances. This is recognized as an “own recognizance” or “O.R.” release.

As bail for many offenses prices thousands that dollars, one O.R. Relax is regularly worth seeking.

2. That can obtain an “own-recognizance” release in California?

Courts can give an O.R. Relax to everyone arrested for a crime in California unless:

One or an ext of the crimes charged is punishable by death, The relax would deteriorate public safety, or an O.R. Release would not sensibly ensure the individual’s illustration in court.

Note the OR relax is the default dominion in Los Angeles County. Only people arrested for serious or violent felonies may get held top top bail. And in every one of California, people can no much longer be incarcerated solely since they cannot afford bail. Clear and also convincing evidence is required to present that detention is necessary to safeguard public safety.2

3. Exactly how does an O.R. Release occupational in California?

Requests for an very own recognizance release space usually made throughout the California arraignment process. The arraignment is as soon as the accused start a plea and release indigenous jail is determined.

In some counties, however, court policemans are top top call roughly the clock to grant O.R. Releases.

Some offenses call for a official adversarial hearing before a judge deserve to release the defendant top top his or her own recognizance. 3 this offenses are debated in ar 4, below.

Otherwise, throughout the arraignment, the defense will certainly present disagreements in favor of an O.R. Release.

The judge might then asking the prosecutor if the or she has:

A allude of view around an O.R. Release, or any type of information that would help the judge decide even if it is to grant one. 4

Both of this judicial requests room optional throughout an arraignment. Judges space only compelled to offer prosecutors an chance to participate in a formal adversarial hearing or a bail hearing.

4. Offenses that require a formal O.R. Relax hearing

A judge is forced to organize a formal hearing on one O.R. Relax if the offense is one set forth in California Penal password 1319.5 or California Penal password 1270.1.

A official O.R. Release hearing is conducted in the very same manner together a California bail hearing. The prosecutor will certainly be permitted to present evidence and also argue against an O.R. Release.

(As disputed above, O.R. Is automatic for most crimes in Los Angeles County.)

4.1. Penal password 1319.5 computer offenses

California Penal code 1319.5 calls for a formal hearing for an O.R. Release if:

The current offense was allegedly cursed while the defendant was on felony probation or felony parole; 5 or

The defendant was issued a warrant because that a fail to show up three or more times over the 3 prior years (other 보다 for a auto Code infraction), and also the current offense is:

An offense in i beg your pardon the defendant is alleged to have been equipped with or to have actually personally offered a firearm, any kind of other felony offense (unless the defendant is released pursuant come a court-operated pretrial release regimen or another pretrial release regimen with the court’s approval). 6

4.2. Penal password 1270.1 pc offenses

California Penal code 1270.1 pc requires a officially hearing because that an O.R. Relax if the crime the defendant is accused the is:

certain violations that Penal code 136.1, California’s “witness intimidation” law,

Note, however, that a defendant charged with a violent felony may not be released O.R. If it appears by clear and also convincing proof that:

the or she was formerly charged with a felony offense, and also While that fee was pending, the or she willfully and also without excuse native the court failed to show up in court as required. 9


Defendants accused of residential violence may have a tough time securing an own recognizance relax in California

5. How can people convince the court to relax them indigenous jail there is no bail?

To obtain an O.R. Release, a defendant will need to establish that:

The defendant will appear in court as required, and Releasing the defendant will not create a hazard of public safety.

Low-level offenses

Certain offenses are considered lower threats for publicly safety, together as:

A very first offense because that driving under the influence.

These space arguably one-off crimes that will certainly not endanger publicly safety. So people charged with among these offenses if not released top top citation are let walk on their very own recognizance.

Factors the referee may consider in deciding whether to release a defendant O.R.

In many cases, a California judge will need to be persuaded that a defendant need to be released without bail. Components the judge may take into consideration include:

The presence of any kind of outstanding felony warrants, Any added information provided by the prosecutor. 10

6. O.R. Relax conditions

Judges in California have actually the right to problem an O.R. Relax on the defendant’s commitment to execute or no do details things.11 The important thing to understand is that any O.R. Release problems must be:

sensibly related to the charged offense, and also Reasonably expected to additional the score of windy safety.

Example: Omar is charged through commission that a California drug crime. The judge deserve to permit his O.R. Release on the condition that Omar send to random drug testing.

This problem is reasonable since it is aimed at promoting public safety and security by deterring the details criminal task with i beg your pardon Omar is charged.

But if Omar had been charged through the California crime of shoplifting, Penal code 459.5, such a condition would not be reasonable. The connection in between shoplifting and drug usage is too remote come warrant the invasion of privacy that results from drug testing.

Arrestees in LA ar who acquire O.R. May need to abide by few of the following conditions:

release to neighborhood member, friend, family members member or partner with promise to accompany the accused come court Phone/text/online check-ins with designated firm Travel restrictions – stimulate to not leave state, passport surrender Driving restrictions or limitations Stay away order AA/NA meeting attendance (or comparable community assistance groups) Order to surrender weapon(s) to law enforcement Ignition Interlock device In-person check-ins through designated firm Mental health treatment Alcohol abuse therapy Substance abuse therapy Drug and also alcohol testing Residential treatment program house relocation during instance pendency Secure constant Remote Alcohol Monitoring electronic monitoring/GPS residence detention12

7. O.R. Investigations

Many California court have investigators on staff to research study whether defendants are great candidates because that an O.R. Release. 13

During together an investigation, court staff may contact a defendant’s household members, employers, and others. The staff will be trying to determine:

The defendant’s character, and Whether the defendant has strong community ties the make him/her less of a “flight risk.”

In general, courts do not conduct such an examination unless the defendant requests being let out on his/her very own recognizance.

But if a court has an investigative staff, it need to conduct one investigative details cases if the fees involve:

A DUI causing “great bodily injury.” 14

8. Need to I ask for an O.R. Relax or article bail?

The main advantage to one O.R. Release is the it keeps a defendant from having actually to post bail. Because bail deserve to run into the countless dollars for numerous offenses, this can be a considerable savings.

But, as provided above, questioning for one O.R. Release can cause a court investigation. This may not constantly be in a defendant’s interest.

As West Covina criminal defense attorney man Murray15 explains:

“Some defendants would prefer to save their arrest a secret. Others may want to avoid the court from uncovering information that it might not otherwise know about. In one of two people case, posting bail may be a better option.”

Defendants who room on probation or parole

Defendants who are currently on probation or special amnesty may likewise be much better off posting bail 보다 requesting an O.R. Release.

Often if the court finds the end that a defendant is on parole or probation, it will location a “hold” ~ above the defendant’s release.

But a defendant who is released prior to the court discovers he/she is on probation or parole will typically be permitted to remain free until the instance has to be resolved.

Defendants who article bail space usually released more quickly 보다 those who ask to be let the end on their very own recognizance.

Thus defendants who room on probation on parole may wish to article bail to obtain out of jail as easily as possible.


9. O.R. Release agreement

California regulation requires the signature of an “O.R. Release agreement” prior to a defendant can be released on recognizance. Under this agreement, the defendant:

assures to appear for every court dates, promises to abide by every court-imposed conditions, assures not to leave the state without very first obtaining permission native the court, waives extradition in the occasion the defendant falls short to show up as required and is apprehended outside California, and also

10. Penalties because that failing to appear in court

If a defendant fails to appear in court ~ an O.R. Release, the court will certainly likely problem a California bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest. 17

The court will certainly presume a defendant willfully fail to appear if the or she go not appear within 14 work of the booked court date.

Punishment for fail to appear depends on whether the defendant was originally charged v a misdemeanor or a felony.

Misdemeanor charge

If the original charge(s) was/were for one or an ext misdemeanors, failing to appear is additionally a misdemeanor. Penalties because that misdemeanor failure to appear can include:

A good of up to $1,000, and also Up to one (1) year in ar jail. 18

Felony charge

If the original charge(s) consisted of one or more felony offenses, failing to appear for court is a felony.

Consequences of a felony “failure come appear” deserve to include:

A maximum $5,000 fine. 19

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legit References:
Penal code 1270.1 (endnote 7) and Penal code 1319.5(a). Penal password 1319.5(b)(1). Penal password 1319.5(b)(2). Penal password 1319. Penal code 1270.1:“(a) other than as detailed in subdivision (e), before any type of person who is arrested for any of the complying with crimes may be released on bail in an amount the is either much more or less than the amount had in the schedule the bail because that the offense, or may be released on his or her own recognizance, a hearing chandelier be hosted in open up court before the magistrate or judge:(1) A significant felony, as defined in subdivision (c) of ar 1192.7, or a violent felony, as identified in subdivision (c) of ar 667.5, yet not including a violation the subdivision (a) of section 460 (residential burglary).(2) A violation of section 136.1 whereby punishment is implemented pursuant to subdivision (c) of section 136.1, ar 262, 273.5, or 422 where the violation is punished as a felony, or section 646.9.(3) A violation of paragraph (1) of subdivision (e) of ar 243.(4) A violation of section 273.6 if the detained human made dangers to kill or harm, has engaged in violence against, or has gone come the residence or rectal of, the safeguarded party.” Penal password 1319(b). Penal password 1319 PC. Penal code 1318.1(a): “A court, v the concurrence that the plank of supervisors, might employ an investigative employee for the purpose of recommending even if it is a defendant need to be exit on his or her very own recognizance.” Penal password 1318.1(b): “Whenever a court has actually employed one investigative employee pursuant come subdivision (a), one investigative report shall be all set in all situations involving a violent felony, as described in subdivision (c) of ar 667.5, or a felony in violation that subdivision (a) of ar 23153 of the vehicle Code, recommending whether the defendant need to be released on his or her own recognizance. The report candlestick include every one of the following:(1) Written verification of any outstanding warrants against the defendant.(2) Written verification of any type of prior cases where the defendant has actually failed to make a court appearance.(3) Written verification of the criminal document of the defendant.(4) Written verification of the residence the the defendant throughout the previous year.” Same.
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