Today, we’ve got another lesson in sinsemilla semantics because that you. What precisely is a "dimebag," and who even sells lock anymore?

Newbies come the budding civilization of legit weed (or those who have actually only purchased pot from a dispensary) could not be acquainted with three slang indigenous yesteryear. Yet that’s why you’ve gained your pals at funny JANE to bloom your brain and melt her mind v some 101 endo education.

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This week, we’ve got an additional lesson in sensi-semantics because that ya. In the past, we’ve characterized such THC terms favor a “zip” and “dub” — in case you forgot, they’re various other units the marijuana measure — and also now we’re ago for one more hot great in weed words. This time, what is a “dime” of weed, and also how lot bud is that, exactly?

You won’t uncover a dime the weed in a pot shop, yet you might discover it on the black market. If it to be 1999, a dime would certainly be common. Yes, in Giuliani-era NYC, because that example, street certified dealer would offer dimes left and also right. Hell, her bodega guy can even have actually pre-packaged dimes the weed surprise behind the counter — perfect for as soon as you display up wasted and want to cop a sandwich and secure you yourself a small nightcap nug.

Today, however, a dime is much less common. In 2019, few underground dealers will provide you weed for much less than a $60 order (typically at the very least an eighth the pot, specifically if you in a state with prohibition laws on the books). Yet for the benefits of this history lesson, let’s pretend dimes space still regularly moved from her friendly neighborhood dealer.


What walk a Dime the Weed Mean?

Basically, a dime of weed — additionally called a “dimebag” — is $10 precious of pot. Dime is password for 10 as a dime in US currency is indistinguishable to 10 cents. (Did us blow her mind through that hard knowledge?)

How lot Pot Is in a Dime the Weed?

The lot of pot you can obtain in a dime that weed varies from ar to place, and also from dispensary to dealer. To recognize if she scoring a transaction or acquiring ripped off, you require to gain comfortable with the metric system.

US dispensaries (and the remainder of the totally free world) operate in terms of ounces and also grams. One oz is fairly a little of bud and also is equal to 28 grams. OK, technically you deserve to buy pot by the pound, however that’s a whole lot the herb.

On average, a dime of weed, dimebag, or ten bag is same to about half a gram the pot, which equates to around two average-sized joints (or two big spliffs). However, the as whole amount you get from your dime counts on several factors.

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Supply and also demand is the basis of any type of product cost. In the US, the most far-reaching factor the determines the price of pot is legalization. Says with legitimate dispensaries offer more supply, and thus prices tend to be lower. For this reason if you in a state through legal marijuana, you’ll more than likely see a little much more in her “dime that weed” than if you were in a state wherein marijuana is no legalized.

If you space purchasing legally, the next thing to take into consideration is taxes. Different states taxation marijuana at various rates. If she in a high taxes state, you’ll most likely see less in your dime (bummer). Typically, if you’re closer to wherein your three is grown, you’ll see an ext weed in your dimebag.

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A "dime of weed" is half of a gram that weed (Photo through Tolula)


Dispensaries carry high-quality bud that is grown, transported, stored, and sold, follow to strictly guidelines. These businesses also make sure the herb is pure and also can share strains based on their THC level. Indoor grown weed is pricier 보다 outdoor or sungrown cannabis, as result of production expenses like electricity, water, and also other components related to licensing. With higher quality, comes higher cost, which equates to less pot in your dime of weed. Still, though, if you walk to a dispensary and only drop 10 bucks, the budtender is likely going to roll his eye at you…

Time that year

Most outdoor farms have your harvest season in the early on fall. If you time your purchasing right, you deserve to take advantage of the flow of brand-new herb and also get a tiny extra in her dime. Additionally, the an ext you buy, the lower the expense per unit. Similar to Costco, purchase in bulk gives you the ideal deal in the lengthy run (just make sure you store every one of your weed appropriately for later on use).



A dime that weed is $10 precious of marijuana. That will gain you different amounts of pot based on things like quality and location. But great luck detect anyone that sells dime bags in the black industry anymore. Also the dealers who still slang weed in plastic cubes are most likely pushing at least a dub, if no more. The more you know!