Friction is fun! Or at least, that physics. Friction is the resistance between two objects when they obstacle together. Find the four different species of friction v

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Explore a couple of come see fluid friction in action.

Air pushing against your hand once you stick it the end the window of a auto (external)Water pushing against a swimmer’s body together they move through the (external)The activity of your coffee together you stir it v a spoon (external)Sucking water through a straw (internal)Submarine moving through water (external)

Rolling Friction

The instance of the round rolling down a hill is an example of rolling friction. In rojo friction, one of the surfaces is a wheel, ball, or roller, comprising the “rolling” part of this form of friction.


To specify it, rojo friction is resistance happening between moving surfaces once one rolls. This concept has several

Throwing a Skee-BallRollerblading down the streetRolling a bowling sphere down the laneCar rolling down the roadRolling under the street ~ above a skateboard

Sliding Friction

You’ve encountered sliding friction without also knowing what the was. Sliding friction is the resistance created when two solid surfaces slide over one another. Because that example, writing your name on record or pushing a chair across the floor room both types of slide friction.


Several components can affect sliding friction including the flatness and also roughness that the surface, dimension of the object, and speed. Require a clearer picture of sliding friction? shot these on because that size.

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Puck moving across the ice cream in hockeyKicking a book across a floorDragging a sled increase a hillDragging your body across carpetFoot dragging versus a sidewalk

Static Friction

Ever noticed how it’s a lot much easier to press something already moving than to push an object at rest? it isn’t just you. The an initial push is the hardest because that everyone. The reason is static friction. This type exists in between a surface and also object at rest. Static friction causes these two surfaces come stick with each other slightly, making that an initial push harder.

* of revolution friction space aplenty.

Book resting on your end tablePlant resting on a counterShopping cart relaxing in the cart corral Dresser sitting on your floorPlayStation sitting on your entertainment center

Exploring species of Friction

Friction is everywhere, from that publication resting your workdesk to her skateboard rolling down the street. Save your physics discovering moving by check out of inertia. It tells you all about why objects don’t want to avoid moving.