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When drawing text right into the snapshot window or right into the TextGridEditor, you have the right to use backslash assignment to screen various kinds of one-of-a-kind symbols. You deserve to usually also type the personalities themselves, if your computer system has an input method for them.

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European symbols

To obtain the price "â" (a-circumflex), you form "a^", i.e., a succession of backslash + a + circumflex. In this way, girlfriend can get a hundred non-ASCII signs that are offered in the alphabets of plenty of European languages.

To get ευρηκα, you form epup oetkaal.

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α al Α Al alpha
β e Β Be beta
γ ga Γ Ga gamma
δ de Δ De delta
ε ep Ε Ep epsilon
ζ ze Ζ e zeta
η et Η Et eta
θ e Θ Te theta ϑ 2
ι io Ι Io iota
κ ka Κ Ka kappa
λ la Λ La lambda
μ mu Μ Mu mu
ν u Ν Nu nu
ξ xi Ξ Xi xi
ο on Ο On omicron
π pi Π Pi pi
ρ o Ρ Ro rho
σ si Σ Si sigma ς s2
τ a Τ Ta tau
υ up Υ Up upsilon
φ fi Φ Fi phi ϕ f2
χ ci Χ Ci chi
ψ ps Ψ Ps psi
ω om Ω Om omega ϖ o2

Hebrew letters

To obtain an alef, you form ?+. ~ above Windows, you need to install worldwide support to acquire the left-to-right bespeak correct.

א ?+alef
ב B+bet
ג G+gimel
ד D+dalet
ה H+he
ו V+vav
ז +zayin
ח X+het
ט Y+tet
י J+yod
כ K+kafך K%
ל L+lamed
מ M+memם M%
נ N+nunן N%
ס S+samekh
ע 9+ayin
פ P+peף P%
צ C+tsadiץ C%
ק Q+qof
ר R+resh
ש W+shin
ת T+tav
אִ ?+hIhiriq
אֶ ?+sEsegolאֵ ?+cEtsere
אָ ?+qAqamatsאַ ?+pApatah
אֹ ?+hOholam
אֻ ?+qUqubuts
ּ dqdagesh or maliq


וֹ vOvav holam
וּ sUshuruq

Phonetic symbols

See phonetic symbols


s backslash• u bullet♣ cl (club), ♦ di (diamond), ♥ he (heart), ♠ sp (spade)☞ pf pointing finger, ❀ f5 flower-five

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