Section R311.6 of the 2018 international Residential Code specifies what the minimum broad of a hallway demands to it is in within your home.

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Of course one vital thing to keep in mind from the start is not to confused a hallway with a corridor.

A corridor is defined more as an exit accessibility component the is offered within advertising buildings and also structures subject to the International building Code (IBC). Corridors may likewise need to it is in a specific width come accommodate access and may additionally have to it is in fire rated. Also, uneven hallways, a corridor broad is size to accommodate the variety of occupants is serves.

A hallway, as debated in this post, is a means of egress function that is provided within residential frameworks subject come the international Residential password (IRC). Hallways are likewise used to relocate furniture right into rooms a as such must be big enough to execute so.

Fun Tip:To find out the difference between the international Residential code (IRC) verses the International building Code (IBC), be certain to inspect out thisPOST.

Minimum Hallway Width

What is the minimum broad of a residential hallway?

The minimum broad of a residential hallway per Section R311.6 of the worldwide Residential code is 3 feet.

Therefore every this code ar the hallway in ~ your residence cannot be less than 3 feet in width.


* Reference source – 2018 worldwide Residential Code

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