PlayStation 3 is full of different error codes and also the people who case that castle haven’t encountered a solitary one throughout they playing career are almost definitely lying. However, part errors are much more dangerous 보다 others and the 80710102 error password is absolutely no joke together there has actually been one outrage about it. The error is usually presented next to this message:

Cannot affix to the Internet.

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It shows up that over there are several solutions to this difficulty so individuals should absolutely pay close attention to all of the methods listed below in stimulate to eliminate this error article completely.

Solution 1: Disable Media Server Connection

If the solution above did not job-related for you, a comparable one may aid you if you want to resolve your difficulty for an excellent and it involves transforming the method your game stations 3 console connects to the Internet. Make certain you follow the instructions below carefully.

Disabling this choice from the playstations 3 settings appears to have actually helped plenty of users while managing this worry and process is simple:

From the food selection on her PS3 navigate to setups >> Network Settings.


Locate the Media Server connection option and collection it come Disabled.Check to see if the error code still appears

Solution 2: Tweak the DNS settings to a details DNS Address

This DNS was proven to it is in quite efficient when it comes to dealing v this error code and changing your PS3 internet settings come this certain DNS attend to could prove come be quite successful if you follow the instructions carefully.

Turn on your PS3 and also navigate to setups >> Network Settings.After that, go to the Internet link Settings submenu and select Custom.


Select the type of connection your utilizing (If your PS3 is plugged in come the router, pick ‘Wired’ and also if you’re utilizing a wireless connection, choose that intead.)If girlfriend selected wireless, collection up your link as regular until you acquire to the IP deal with menu. If you selected wired, select the ‘Auto-Detect’ option at the following screen and also continue come the IP resolve menu.Make sure you set your settings as following:

IP resolve Setting: AutomaticDHCP hold name: perform Not SetDNS Settings: ManualPrimary DNS: DNS: AutomaticProxy Server: carry out Not UseUPnP: allow

Test your connection and also check to see if the error password still appears.

Note: alternating primary and an additional DNS addresses may too work with:

Solution 3: regain Default settings on your PlayStation 3

Restoring default setups is a encourage operation as soon as something walk wrong v your PS3 and also it basically simply resets the following settings:

BD/DVD SettingsMusic SettingsChat SettingsSystem SettingsDate and also Time SettingsAccessory SettingsDisplay SettingsSound SettingsSecurity SettingsNetwork SettingsInternet internet browser Settings

This operation have to not be puzzled with the gain back PS3 mechanism option i m sorry would likewise delete all of your difficult disk content. Follow the instructions listed below in stimulate to carry out this and hopefully remove the error code.

From the height submenu the the playstation 3 residence Menu, walk to settings >> device Settings >> restore Default Settings.

Once you select the regain Default settings option, friend will view a perform of settings that will certainly be restored. Scroll through them and also press the X button to gain back the settings.After the procedure is complete, girlfriend will see the initial setup display that showed up the first time girlfriend turned on her PlayStation 3 system. Girlfriend will need to go with the early setup process before you have the right to use the game stations 3 system.First that all, you should have actually a controller connected and then press the playstation button.After that, girlfriend will require to select your exactly time zone. Make sure you pick the exactly one as wrong time and date settings may lead to additional error codes.

Select the form of connection you space using (If her PS3 is plugged in come the router, choose ‘Wired’ and if you’re using a wireless connection, select that instead.)If friend selected wireless, collection up your connection as common until you gain to the IP address menu. If friend selected wired, pick the ‘Auto-Detect’ choice at the following screen and also continue to the IP address menu.If you chose wireless, friend should display screen a perform of accessibility points in ~ the selection of the PS3 console. Pick the hotspot that you desire to use.

An “SSID” is an identification name assigned to an access point. Make certain you shot to attach to her own access point or come a point to which friend have accessibility to at the list.Select the kind of protection which is offered for the network and enter the defense credentials.

No matter if you decided Wired or Wireless, the setups should be over now to make sure you conserve them and continue to revolve on your PS3.

Solution 4: switch to a Different kind of Connection

Most users currently know the playing making use of a wireless link is unsafe and it can lead come high latency and also frequent disconnects. However, part users have actually reported that sometimes it’s the other method around as they switched native connecting directly into the modem to making use of Wi-Fi.

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This method that the error code can show up either due a faulty link with your modem or with your router. If girlfriend were using the Ethernet connection, shot switching come Wi-Fi and turning on your PS3 to inspect if the error code still appears; and also vice-versa. Both that these options can help you eliminate the error password for good.