DREW Brees is a former quarterback who spent 20 seasons in the NFL mostly playing for the new Orleans Saints.

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He hold a number of records including career passing completions and career completion percentage.


Drew Brees hold the Vince Lombardi trophy after ~ Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts to success the NFL's Super key XLIVCredit: Reuters

How did attracted Brees get the scar ~ above his face?

The scar ~ above the appropriate side that Brees' face is in reality a birthmark which brought about him being bullied as a kid.

In an interview through CNN the said: "Because of mine birthmark, which i was obviously born with, I obtained all kinds of comments as soon as I to be a kid. ‘Wipe that everything off your face.’ This and also that. I acquired all kinds of nicknames.”

He added: "People dubbed me Spot. I think they were trying to be malicious. They to be trying to it is in hurtful.

"For me, I just tried to obtain to the suggest where I just brushed that off."

"I simply remember my mommy telling me when I to be a kid, ‘Hey, that’s where an point of view kissed you. So, nobody deserve to say anything.’ Which, ns guess that’s the method I tackled it.

"That’s the method I type of compartmentalized it once somebody would certainly say something to me.

"Maybe I supplied it together motivation."





His parents space Eugene Wilson "Chip" Brees II, a psychological lawyer, and Mina Ruth, who passed away in 2009, an attorney.

He has a younger brother Reid, who was born in 1981.

Brees started playing American football in high school and also was in the flag soccer team in ~ St Andrew’s Episcopal School.

He was an all-round sportsman though and also was a varsity letterman in baseball and also basketball and football and considered playing college baseball.

Brees attend Purdue University and also graduated in 2001 with a degree in commercial management.

He make a strong impact during his university career through the Boilermakers.

Brees was a finalist because that the Davey O'Brien Award as the nation's ideal quarterback in 1999.

He winner the Maxwell Award as the nation's outstanding player of 2000

Brees started his experienced career in 2001 v the mountain Diego Chargers and stayed through the side until 2005.

Brees signed a six-year, $60million deal with the new Orleans Saints on in march 14, 2006.

In 2010, Brees assisted the Saints to Super Bowl victory by equalling a supervisor Bowl document with 32 pass completions and also winning the Super bowl Most an important Player Award.

On in march 14, 2021, precisely 15 year to the day the Brees signed his first contract through the New olions Saints, that announced his retirement after ~ 20 seasons.

Drew and Brittany have actually been married since 2003Credit: Getty

Who is drew Brees' mam Brittany Brees?

Brittany Brees was born top top September 18, 1976, in Syracuse, Indiana.

Brittany, 44, to visit Wawasee High school in Syracuse and also Purdue University, where she met her future husband.

She works as a philanthropist through her husband, launching the Brees Dream structure in 2003 to assistance cancer patients and also research.

The structure has partnered with the global children’s charity Operation youngsters that concentrates on athletic abilities of children, after-school programs and also child treatment facilities.

The pair have donated to Purdue to build the strong department and their football program. 

Brees and also Brittany married top top February 8, 2003, while he was play for the mountain Diego Chargers.

Two years later the couple moved to Louisiana after Brees join the brand-new Orleans Saints in 2006.

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They have actually four youngsters - Baylen Robert, Bowen Christopher, Callen Christian and also Rylen Judith Brees.