Actor and also comedian George Lopez has constructed a successful career by recognize the feeling in his complicated childhood and also in the Mexican-American neighborhood in general.

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Who Is George Lopez?

Actor and also comedian George Lopez to be born April 23, 1961, in Mission Hills, California. Exit by his mother, he used his painful experience as material for his stand-up routines, bring about a series of Grammy-nominated comedy albums. He started starring in the sitcom George Lopez in 2002, and also became the very first Latino to organize a late-night talk display on an American network through the launch of Lopez Tonight in 2009. 

Early Life

Born on April 23, 1961, in Mission Hills, California. Lopez has built a effective career by finding the feeling in his an overwhelming childhood and also in the Mexican-American ar in general. Abandoned by his mother, that was increased by his maternal grandmother, who was a factory worker, and also her 2nd husband, a construction worker. Lopez's grandparents paid him small attention. Lopez reinvented his ache experiences right into material for his stand-up comedy act.

Stand-Up Career and Albums

Lopez started his stand-up job in the 1980s. He appeared on shows favor Comedy Club and also The Arsenio hall Show. By the so late 1980s, Lopez to be a successful comedian, play clubs approximately the country and appearing on television shows and comedy specials. 

He exit his very first comedy album, Alien Nation, in 1996. A few years later, in 2001, he exit his 2nd album, Right currently Right Now. He obtained Grammy compensation nominations for his follow-up albums Team Leader (2003), George Lopez: America's Mexican (2007) and George Lopez: Tall, Dark & Chicano (2009). His 2017 album, The Wall, featured the stand-up performing at the call Kennedy center in Washington, D.C.

Lopez also wrote an licensed has been granted Why friend Crying? mine Long, difficult Look at Life, Love, and Laughter, i m sorry was published in 2004.

TV Shows and Films

'George Lopez'

In 2002, with help from actress Sandra Bullock, that became one that the few Latinos come star in a tv comedy collection with the beginning of George Lopez on ABC. The sitcom, i m sorry featured the comedian as a manufacturing facility worker and family man, aired until might 2007.




'Lopez Tonight' and also 'Lopez'

With the debut the Lopez Tonight on TBS in November 2009, Lopez do TV history as the an initial Latino to host a late-night talk present on an American network. However, Lopez Tonight's ratings endured after being pushed earlier to accommodate Conan O'Brien's show, bring about its cancellation in august 2011. The comedian went back to television in 2016 v Lopez, a sitcom based greatly on his experiences as a middle-aged male juggling work and also relationships. The program aired for two seasons on TV Land.

Additionally, Lopez appreciated recurring functions on such shows as The Naked brothers Band and also Reno 911!, and also served as a guest referee on America's got Talent in 2016. He also appeared in countless feature movies after surfacing in Ski Patrol in 1990, through the fear comedy Meet the Blacks (2016) and also the thriller River runs Red (2018) among his current projects.

Personal, Health and Politics

Lopez married Ann Serrano in 1993. The couple's daughter, Mayan, was born in 1996. In 2010, Lopez announced the the pair had chose to part ways.

Lopez confronted some health challenges in 2005. Suffering from a genetic disorder, which brought about his kidneys to deteriorate, Lopez received a kidney transplant the year. His wife, Ann, to be the donor. The pair recovered conveniently from the operation and became spokespeople for the nationwide Kidney Foundation.

A support of the 2016 presidential project of Bernie Sanders, Lopez was outspoken in his opposition to fellow 2016 hopeful Donald Trump, and then generated dispute by expressing his clean disdain because that President Trump and also his policies; he pretended come urinate on Trump's star ~ above the Hollywood go of fame in 2018, and also in early on 2020, he joked about assassinating the chairman on Instagram.

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Lopez has received several honors for his work and also contributions to the Latino community, including the 2003 Latino soul Award because that Excellence in Television. He was also named among "The top 25 hispanics in America" through Time newspaper in 2005.

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