My name is kris Sligh. Together an artist I'm award-winning, critically acclaimed & mildly-to-not popular; I created a number 1 song (Here come Goodbye) for Rascal Flatts. I'm married to Sarah and I'm deeply in love. Many importantly, ns am a Christ-follower.

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ChrisSlighI am an initial and foremost a Christ-follower. Ns am additionally a wanna-be rock star. I don"t feel the two space diametrically opposed. If you do...I feel poor for you.View my complete profile
Clint Lagerberg is precise the smartest, many incredible writer I"ve ever before had the chance to write v - and also over the critical year, I"ve gotten to write v a many really, really great writers. And, no, I"m not simply saying that since Clint cowrote the tune that simply got cut by Rascal Flatts. I was saying that long before Flatts ever put our tune on hold and also even longer prior to Flatts released the tune as their very first single for their upcoming album Unstoppable (due April 7).  
Clint was my cowriter on empty Me the an initial single indigenous my record Running ago to You that come out virtually a year earlier now.  When us wrote with each other the very first time, i was blown away by his discipline and his attention, not to every detail yet every detail that mattered.  
In April of last year, Clint and also I had actually a writing session on the books.  When I obtained to his residence in spring Hill, the told me about this brand-new program he had devised to try and acquire a reduced on the Rascal Flatts album, which he knew was searching for songs at the time.  He had gone v every Flatts song and also come up with whole album"s worth of titles.  With every title, he had actually a basic idea because that the song, a line or 2 for each one, and a feel (up-tempo, ballad, etc.) for each one.  Genius.
The one that i gravitated towards was a location "Here comes Goodbye".  Clint had the idea that a guy hears his lover comes up the driveway and slowly figures out that she"s speak goodbye.  The heat he had actually written under was "here come goodbye."
With those facets as a great starting point, us sat down and spent the next couple of hours trying to number out just how to word it.  Clint had actually the first line: "I deserve to hear the truck tires comes up the gravel road".  For the next line we wanted to offer the emotion that something was wrong.  It take it us practically an hour of throw things about (and gaining on hare trails talking about music) prior to we cleared up on "and it"s not favor her to journey that slow-moving with naught on the radio".  We thought perhaps it have to be around a sad tune on the radio.  We threw the end female artist"s names with lines favor "...with Loretta on the radio" and also "...and Martina"s ~ above the radio".  Finally we worked out on nothing being on the radio.
We then wanted to create the sense that with each footstep, v each sound, the dread is building up in the protagonist"s mind.  We tossed around and tossed out numerous ideas prior to landing on "footsteps on the prior porch, now I hear mine doorbell; she typically comes right in, currently I can tell".  How better to paint a picture of something being wrong than the truth that her girlfriend/significant other usually comes in however she"s currently ringing the door bell.  And unexpectedly our guy knows the he and her are through.
The line "Here come goodbye" is a good line, yet we struggled v where come go.  We spent close come an hour going ago and soon with various approaches.  Once we know goodbye is here, just how do we repaint a picture of heartbreak?  After a while, i remember arguing we act goodbye like an animate object, and also then treat other things the come through break up like animate objects.  It ended up being " comes the last time, below comes the start of every sleepless night, the very first of every tear I"m gonna comes the pain."  Those 4 present took united state forever, but once we had actually them us knew we had actually something special.
We ended the chorus v taking it practically into the future: "Here comes me wishing things hadn"t ever readjusted and she was right below in my arms comes goodbye."  As we created it, i remember singing through what us had and also getting chills, thinking that this song was approaching love shed in a means that ns hadn"t seen before.  Like i said, Clint is a genius.
Clint has a great project/demo studio in his house, with many toys (guitars, keys, etc.).  I was play piano and also he was play acoustic.  And we had actually written whole treatment that the city music the was really good, yet somehow wasn"t kicking our butts choose the chorus music was.  I mean, we would sing v the chorus and also get chills...the verse didn"t really execute the exact same thing.

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I had actually to leave due to the fact that my parents to be in town, and Clint was going to have me lay under the piano part to have actually so we didn"t forget it.  His daughter, Abby, to be downstairs and was being really quiet...with 5 year olds, as soon as they"re quiet it usually way trouble, for this reason Clint visited go inspect on her.  As the went downstairs, I started messing around with a piano part that I had actually had in my bank for a while, simply messing around.  Clint came earlier up (Abby is one angel, and also was just playing quietly) and also I remember telling him that next time we obtained together we have to write a track to this piano riff.  He listened for a tiny bit, then told me to try it through the city lyric.  And boom!  It fit prefer a glove.  We threw the end the old verse music and I laid down what is now the opened haunting piano riff in ~ the beginning of the song.
After ns laid under the part, i left and hung out with my parents.  The next morning, Clint referred to as me and also said, "Man, i think I simply wrote the second verse critical night there is no you."  I was a little disappointed in ~ first, "cause i LOVE the follow of finding the best thing come say in the second verse.  But my disappointment shortly turned come elation, when he read me this lyric: