The initial Bed friend Hot and also Cold Pack is a double purpose hot and also cold treatment wrap for bodily ache relief. This item"s intended purpose is to minimize both muscle aches and chronic pain. This initial Bed girlfriend neck pave and ago wrap have the right to be heated increase in the microwave v water because that moist warmth therapy or placed in the freezer for cold therapy. This hot and also cold treatment wrap can be used on the neck, short back, or almost everywhere else that needs tension relief. That is filled through buckwheat, which makes it supple and form-fitting. The initial Bed buddy Pack easily conforms come the human body wherever the is inserted for user ease and also comfort.

The Bed Buddy comes in both scented and unscented options. The white colored load comes scent-free, while the Bliss Pink version comes with a be sure lavender, cherry blossom, and rose mix. The Balance Orange wrap comes embedded with vanilla, coconut, almond, and also nutmeg. Finally, the fresh Green consists of a refreshing mix of eucalyptus, lemongrass, and also rosemary. Every fragrances are acquired from 100% organic sources, such together herbs, flowers, and grains.

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The original Bed buddy is both safe and easy to usage for simple and quick pain relief. It is likewise an environmentally-friendly, reusable option. Because this article is no disposable, customers don"t need to worry about continually repurchasing single usage hot and cold packs.

Carex provides plenty of options. Customers interested in the initial Bed Buddy pack may additionally be interested in the flexible Bed friend Moist warm Therapy back Wrap. This item attributes a handy securing strap for this reason the pave doesn"t slide approximately or autumn off the user.


100% Natural organic Fragrance Options

White: Fragrance FreeBliss Pink: Lavender, Cherry Blossom, RoseFresh Green: Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, RosemaryBalance Orange: Vanilla, Coconut, Almond, Nutmeg

Product Features and Benefits

Microwavable pain Relief WrapAlleviates Muscle Aches and also Chronic PainHot and Cold treatment OptionsDoctor encourage Moist HeatFragrance-Free and also Fragranced options AvailableFour Fragrance Selections from herbal Herbs, Grains, and also FlowersSupple and also Body-ConformingEasy to UseSafe to use (Use together Directed)Reusable

How walk this Product aid with ache Management?

Moist warm Therapy

Heat therapy produced by treatment devices such as The original Bed Buddy warm pad dilates the blood vessels and increases blood flow to the area that is being treated. This in turn carries nutrient to those parts of the body to quicken healing and allows muscles come relax. Heat therapy is typically the best an option for chronic Muscle and Joint pains Relief.

Moist warm therapy, specifically, is encourage by doctors as the is more effective than dry warmth therapy. This kind of warm therapy has actually been displayed to rise blood flow and help heal injuries in enhancement to relieving pain. Moist heat has actually the added benefit of working faster. Dry warm may take approximately eight hours to develop the same effects that moist heat therapy has actually in simply two hours.

Heat therapy is generally the best option because that the adhering to conditions:

Chronic Muscle PainChronic share PainStiff JointsArthritisCramping

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy, such together that noted by the Carex Bed Buddy, helps decrease blood flow, minimize inflammation, and numb the influenced area. That is regularly the best choice for recent injuries, particularly in the first 48 hours. Cold treatment helps decrease swelling around injuries, such as sprains.

Cold therapy is commonly the best option for the following conditions:


Note: prevent cold treatment if you have a nerve disorder the affects ideal blood-flow. Avoid using cold therapy to open wounds and areas that might cramp.

How to use this Product

Moist Heat

Note: 1/4 cup that water is REQUIRED because that microwaving this warmth wrap. Always microwave this article on a clean, microwave-safe dish.

Moist heat Therapy

Step 1: Fold load in half and ar it ~ above a microwave-safe dish.Step 2: to fill a microwave for sure dish through a 1/4 cup of water.Step 3: Place warm wrap ~ above the microwave-safe food in the microwave.Step 4: place 1/4 that water in the microwave.Step 5: Microwave warmth pack. Usage the chart listed below to determine microwave time.Step 6: If the warmth pad demands to it is in reheated, you have the right to reheat it because that 15 secs at a time to maintain its temperature. Perform not reheat the wrap more than as soon as every 10 minutes.Step 7: test the temperature that the product on her wrist before application. If that is also hot, wait until it is a comfortable temperature.Step 8: use the microwave warm pack to the affected area because that no an ext than fifteen to twenty minutes unless otherwise recommend by a medical care professional. If you would favor to reheat this item, permit it to go back to room temperature first. If friend experience any discomfort, discontinue making use of the product.Step 9: If you arrangement on using the Orignal Bed Buddy warm pad for moist warm therapy again, keep it in ~ room temperature. If you would choose to shot cold therapy next use, save it in a sealed plastic bag in the freezer.

Cold Therapy

Step 1: placed the Carex Bed Buddy therapy wrap inside a sealed plastic bag.Step 2: place the plastic bag inside the freezer and also leave to chill because that at least 8 hours.Step 3: test the wrap"s temperature on your wrist prior to use. If it is as well cold, wait until it is a comfortable temperature.Step 4: use the product to the influenced area because that no more than fifteen come twenty minutes. If friend would like to reapply the wrap, put it back in the freezer and also wait an hour. If you experience any type of discomfort, discontinue utilizing the product.Step 5: Refreeze the item because that future cold therapy use or store at room temperature for future warm therapy.

Product Care

Wipe with a damp fabric to point out clean it.If the product leaks or swells, gets soiled by miscellaneous that could lead to overheating, or attains a charred popcorn smell, discard it.Never immerse in water or fluid solutions.

Complementary Products


Will the original Bed friend microwave heat pack obtain my shirt wet if I want to use it end my clothing? Yes, there is a opportunity your garments may obtain slightly wet if you use this product over your apparel instead the under it.

What kind of grain is used in The Orignal Bed Buddy heat pad? The grain provided in this article is buckwheat.

Can i wash this product? carry out not submerge this product in water. However, you may wipe the down through a damp towel to clean it.

Can i sleep through the Bed buddy Hot and also Cold Pack? Yes, that is safe to sleep through this hot and also cold wrap.

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Is this item returnable? due to hygiene-related issues, this article is non-returnable.

Product SpecificationsBrand: Bed BuddyItem Number: BBF1998-12, BBF1994-03, BBF1995-03, BBF1996-03Conditions: pain ReliefColors: White, Pink, Green, OrangeWhite Scent: UnscentedFresh eco-friendly Scent: Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, RosemaryBliss Pink Scent: Lavender, Cherry Blossom, RoseBalance Orange Scent: Vanilla, Conconut, Almond, NutmegReusable: YesHeight: 1 InchWidth: 23 InchDepth: 4.25 InchProduct Weight: 2 lbsShipping Weight: 2.21 lbsManuals and also Documents