I have actually 2 enlarge sisters. Once talking to other people about them, perform i describe them both as 姉 or execute i refer to the younger one together 姉 and the enlarge one together 姉上?


P.S I thought this inquiry would have currently been asked, however couldn"t discover any. Even Google didn"t have actually much on it.

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姉上【あねうえ】 is a very old-fashioned honorific word for 姉. You would hear someone respectfully addressing your older sister with 姉上 largely in samurai dramas. But you have the right to never usage it to differentiate your 2 sisters.

To identify your 2 older sisters, you deserve to use 上【うえ】の姉【あね】 (older) and 下【した】の姉【あね】 (younger). If you had three larger sisters, you can say 一番上の姉, 真ん中の姉/2番目の姉, 一番下の姉/3番目の姉.


In writing, you can write 長姉 and 次姉 (or 二姉) (and 三姉 or 末妹).


一番下の弟妹から見て、一番上の兄姉を長兄・長姉と呼びますよね。 その次は次兄・次姉になると思うのですが、その次の兄姉はなんと呼ぶのでしょうか?三兄・三姉と呼ぶのでしょうか?また逆に長兄・長姉から見て一番下の弟妹は、末弟・末妹と呼ぶことができますが、 .......



You could additionally use the following, if they happen to be the earliest and second oldest sisters:長女(ちょうじょ): oldest sister次女 (じじょ): 2nd oldest sister


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