Guava Juice is a renowned YouTube star who gained fame as one half of the duo in charge of the YouTube channel Wassabi Productions. Guava Juice has actually a personal YouTube channel also with end 15.7 million subscribers. Moreover, he has additionally been well-known online together Roi Wassabi.

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Table that Biography

Early life

Guava Juice’s actual name is Roi Fabito. He is 29 year old. He was born ~ above August 21, 1991, in the Philippines in Pangasinan, Dagupan City, as illustrated in his draw My Life video clip on Guava Juice 2. In ~ the age of two, he relocated to Durham, north Carolina together his mommy got offered a job in the state. After two years, Roi had a little brother called Reymound.

Initially, he had actually very complicated during institution life since he didn’t recognize the English language. Though he acquired enrolled in one English 2nd Language course and got through easily. Quickly he welcomed his younger siblings: brother, Russell, and also sister, Ariel. The holds Filipino-American nationality.


Caption: Guava Juice posing for a picture with his mommy (Source: Instagram)

He has mentioned self as very shy and also timid gift a kid. Later on hen has grown increase to large contrast to what’s presented on his YouTube channel today. He enjoys sports and plays basketball and soccer in his spare time, as a boy was additionally a part of his school’s basketball team.

Moreover, talking about his various other educational background, the attended Durham Tech neighborhood College to examine nursing after High School. However, that left and enrolled at north Carolina State college in a computer Engineering course just to leave again due to his absence of interest. Further, the has likewise received he received an undergraduate level in movie studies.

Professional life

Roi Fabito a.k.a Guava Juice (formerly aynakoitsroi), is a Filipino-American YouTuber who rose to fame for his difficulty videos, DIYs, and experiments. He is likewise a former member the the channel Wassabi Productions before his exit in 2016.

Before starting on YouTube, he got an undergraduate level in movie studies and created his first content for YouTube in July the 2006. He an initial entered come YouTube neighborhood in 2006, making random videos and quickly gained popularity just a few years later.

He began working through Alex Wassabi on their hit channel, Wassabi Productions in early on 2016 and also stopped at around late 2016, October. However, the still collaborated through Alex top top his channel quite often.

Previously, he was highly involved in a channel called Wassabi Productions, wherein he and also Alex Burriss (Alex Wassabi) did numerous videos whilst play his character, Roi Wassabi. With each other the duo performed many challenges, funny videos, lip syncs, parodies, and also other different types of videos. Roi do his best debut ~ above YouTube with a famous video, “Carly Rae Jepsen contact ME perhaps – Rolanda & Richard (Parody)”. It came to be a huge success earning end 100 countless views.

Shortly after ~ his retirement native Wassabi Productions, he began making gaming videos for his channel, until he established that gaming wasn’t his style. Then, he made several challenges, experiments, DIYs, and also other various sorts of videos. He additionally did bathtub challenges. There are additionally some gamings he played, such as Crocodile Dentist, also doing pranks.


Caption: Guava Juice on one of the YouTube video clip with Alex Wassabi (Source: YouTube)

Solo YouTube channel

Moreover, he has gained extreme popularity with his solo YouTube channel Guava Juice developed on July 18, 2006. Together of now, his YouTube channel has actually garnered much more than 15.7M subscribers, with nearly 7.36 billion complete views. His YouTube video content contains 10 things Not To.., Ghosts, Paranormal, Hauntings, Juicy Videos!, Music Videos!, Bath tub Challenges!, and Guava Juice REMIXES.

The top must-watch video clip on his channel encompass “WUBBLE bubble DIET COKE MENTOS EXPERIMENT!,” “CHEESE sphere BATH CHALLENGE!,” and also “JELLO bath CHALLENGE!.” The videos have actually garnered 87 million views, 52 million views, and 52 million views respectively. (As of august 2020).

His music videos are fairly popular amongst the viewers. 2 of the most popular music video are “I Love Fidget Spinners (Official Music Video),” and also “Guava Juice – control In my Whip (Official Music Video).” these videos are quite humorous and interesting to watch. The very first song featured around his love because that fidget spinners and has garnered more than 32M views. Likewise, the second song featured him buying his dream auto the other day and has garnered an ext than 17M views.


Caption: Guava Juice on one of his YouTube video clip (Source: YouTube)

More channels

Eventually, he has created more YouTube channels. He created his second youtube channel Guava Juice 2 top top February 10, 2012. He placed extra arbitrarily shenanigans in right here that the viewers can’t find on the constant Guava Juice channel. The channel has right now amassed more than 3.36 million subscribers with over 686 million complete views.

Likewise, he likewise had the Guava kids channel i m sorry is right now not active. However, he supplied to share videos particularly focused top top the kids. The channel consists of supervisor cool stuff in here including candy, shapes, gummies, toys, colors, and more. And it has already garnered an ext than 123K subscribers.

Similarly, he created his gaming YouTube channel Guava Juice gamings on October 7, 2017. The viewers that Guava Juice through gaming attention can find fun over the channel as it’s all around the video games. He also plays Roblox and also has YouTube series like RONALD VS GUAVS, ROBLOX!, and The Piggy vs Guavs SAGA. And additionally stream live top top the following channel.

Some of the renowned gaming videos uploads room “ESCAPE GRANDMAS HOUSE!,” “ESCAPE THE MINIONS!,” “STRONGEST person ON EARTH!,” and “ESCAPE THE DUNGEON (FatPaps).” as of today, his gaming YOuTube channel has actually garnered an ext than 829K subscribers.

Furthermore, the has one more channel Guava Juice Podcast recently produced on February 13, 2020. The podcast channel of Guava Juice share his experiences, tips, and strategies to just how he acquired to whereby he is today. To date, that has properly garnered much more than 41.8K subscribers, and additionally subsequently created another channel Guava Juice Podcast Highlights share highlight details sections that the podcasts.

Side by side he is equally active on other social media platforms choose Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, v decent followers.

Net worth

The renowned YouTuber Guava Juice with number of YouTube channels has clear bagged a decent sum of money. The has also earned silver, gold as well as diamond play switch through his substantial success ~ above YouTube. Additionally, he even has his own merch wherein he sell apparel, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, accessories, guava toys, and also so on. Therefore, his approximated net worth is approximately $18 million dollars.

Relationship status

Roi a.k.a Guava Juice is in a long-term relationship v his girlfriend Monette. Reportedly looking with their social media handle they have actually been sharing their snapshot since 2012. However, lock seem to be dating for over 8 years. Newly on June 23, 2020, the duo commemorated its anniversary. This connection looks mesmerizing and also might be getting linked to the marriage relationship really soon in the upcoming years. Further, his girlfriend has showed up in several of his YouTube videos.


Caption: Guava Juice posing because that a photograph with his girlfriend, Monette(Source: Instagram)

Body measurements and also Social media

He is active on various social media platforms and has garnered large fan followers. Likewise, Roi has gained much more than 1.4m pendant on his Instagram account (

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Further, he owns 4 YouTube channels. His main YouTube channel Guava Juice has garnered more than 15.7 million subscribers and has roughly 3.36M subscribers top top Guava Juice 2 channel. Additonally, he has actually 829K subscribers ~ above his gaming YouTube channel and also 41.8K subscribers top top podcast YouTube channel.