Denatured Alcohol is supplied in many personal care product species including makeup, lotions, fragrance, shaving, dental care, skin care and hair treatment products where it functions as an antifoaming agent, cosmetic astringent, solvent and also viscosity decreasing agent. In OTC antimicrobial drug products, Alcohol additionally functions together an antimicrobial agent

to kill germs.

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The safety of the alcohol denaturants Denatonium Benzoate, t-Butyl Alcohol, Diethyl Phthalate, and Methyl Alcohol to be reviewed through the cosmetic Ingredient Review experienced Panel (CIR) in 2008 and found to be safe together used. Likewise, due to the fact that they room denatured with the over denaturants, SD Alcohols 3-A, 30, 39-B, 39-C, 40-B and 40-C all were taken into consideration safe as used in cosmetic formulations.

The 2008 CIR professional Panel report additionally evaluated the clinical data for the denaturants Quassin, Brucine, and/or Brucine Sulfate and concluded the the data to be not adequate to support the security of those denaturants. 

Several earlier CIR reviews also supported the safety of these and a few additional alcohol denaturants. Certain CIR conclusions were:

t-Butyl Alcohol—safe as provided (CIR 2005)Diethyl Phthalate—safe because that topical applications in the current practices the use and concentration (CIR 1985) and reaffirmed for sure for usage in the existing practices of use and concentration (CIR 2005)Methyl Alcohol—safe as used (CIR 2001)Salicylic Acid, sodium Salicylate, and Methyl Salicylate—safe as offered when recipe to protect against irritation and when recipe to avoid enhancing sun sensitivity, or, when enhanced sun sensitivity would be expected, direction for use should include the everyday use of sun security (CIR 2003)

The 2008 CIR experienced Panel was not pertained to with the safety of Alcohol as offered in cosmetics and personal care products due to the fact that relative come intake the Alcohol in alcohol addict beverages, dermal application or inhalation the cosmetic commodities containing Alcohol would certainly not produce far-reaching systemic exposure to ethanol.


FDA contains Alcohol (ethanol) ~ above its list of direct food substances taken into consideration Generally known as for sure (GRAS).

Alcohol may additionally be used as one indirect food additive. For example, it may be supplied as a component of adhesives in call with food.

The FDA has also approved Alcohol for use in Over-the-Counter (OTC) antimicrobial medicine products.

Other Countries

In Europe, Alcohol Denat is Alcohol denatured v one or much more denaturing agents in accordance with the national law of each European Union (EU) country. All EU Member states acknowledge denaturing methods applied by any type of of the other EU nations. Brucine is not permitted to be provided in cosmetics and personal care commodities marketed in Europe.

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In Canada, ingredient borders are specified in the wellness Canada cosmetic ingredient hotlist.