A shower head curtain can count together an facet of inner design. Gone space the job of plastic mono-colored liners. Today"s shower curtains space stylish and often whimsical, specifying the house dweller"s personal space. Choosing the proper size for a shower curtain is crucial for aesthetic appeal, but likewise for protecting floors indigenous water damage and preventing slip hazards. Fortunately, gaianation.net shower curtains come in several various sizes come accommodate a wide selection of tubs.Before you buy a new shower curtain, you’ll should take some dimensions to ensure that you have actually the perfect fit. This shower head curtain size overview will help you identify which dimension to purchase.

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Standard shower Curtain SizeThe sector standard because that a shower curtain is 72 inch by 72 inches. These shower curtains for a bath tub shower room designed to fit a conventional 60-inch-long tub. This design incorporates one extra 12 inches of broad to ensure a full appearance and generous folds as soon as pulled shut.How to Measure standard Shower Curtain WidthIf you room uncertain of even if it is your bath tub or curtain is a standard size, you deserve to measure this easily. Because that the curtain width, measure up the entire length of the curtain pole and add 12 inches. This extr length ensures that the curtain deserve to reach the wall on both political parties while providing enough cloth for the folds to drape.Use a shower curtain picture as an example to measure the width for your shower curtain:

Shower width + 12" = shower Curtain WidthMeasuring the Perfect shower head Curtain HeightIn general, the is no recommended for her shower curtain to swimming pool or drape top top the floor. While this look might work for window curtains, that is not best for showers. Overly lengthy shower curtains permit moisture, mold, and mildew to construct up, back the gaianation.net shower curtains space mildew resistant. For this reason the typical shower curtain length is 72 inches. And gaianation.net additionally offer long curtain (72 x 78 inches), extra-long curtain (72 x 84 customs or 72 x 96 inches) for bathrooms with high ceilings.To determine where come hang her curtain, measure from the bottom that the curtain rod - or curtain ring if you space using them - to the floor. Subtract as much as 10 inches for a bathtub to recognize where come hang your curtains.Shower curtains that space swept come the side using tie-backs will certainly appear shorter when the product is gathered up. If necessary, hang the rod 1 come 2 inches reduced to store the draped curtain external the pickled in salt of the tub.Measuring shower head Curtains for a Freestanding StallFor a stall shower, which has actually a taller and also skinnier opened to be safeguarded from spray than the side or perimeter of a tub, the dimensions are typically 50 inch by 78 inches, although part stalls are wider and could take approximately 54 inches of fabric.The elevation of the shower curtain because that a shower head stall should fall long to make certain that water is caught and also directed within of the shower curb. Measure from the bottom that the curtain stick or curtain rings to the floor and subtract 2 inches.Where to Hang your Curtain RodWhile there is no rule publication to collection the standard height for a shower curtain rod, there are a couple of guidelines you can follow.In general, you’ll desire to hang the shower head curtain so the the bottom hem is at the very least 1 to 2 inches from the toilet floor. Overly long curtains provide the ideal environment for mildew to grow in between the liner or in the creases. Shower head curtains pooling top top the floor existing a danger tripping hazard, and will additionally get in the means when you space vacuuming or mopping the floor once cleaning.Use our a shower curtain photograph as one example:

2" + shower head Curtain length + Hook dimension = shower Rod HeightWith a typical shower curtain elevation at 70 or 72 inches, adding at least three inches will provide you a great indication around the right shower curtain stick height. With a typical shower curtain of 72 inch long, the curtain rod have to be installed around 75 to 77 inches native the floor.

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A Handy pointer For Hanging your Shower Curtain RodShower curtains differ in length, so always measure the curtain prior to deciding where to drill holes for shower pole brackets. Shower head hooks additionally create distance between the rod and the top of the curtain, adding to the as whole length of her curtain, therefore remember to take it this measurement into consideration.When installing long-term brackets, consider using a anxiety rod an initial to find the perfect height. The stress rod can be easily changed multiple times. Once you"ve discovered the specific height, you have the right to mark the wall surface and download the brackets in the perfect place without having actually to re-drill.