Tanya Memme host

Tanya Memme has become the countries “Lifestyle and also Home design Sweetheart.” She is an award-winning actress, a previous Miss human being Canada and the hold /Producer the the Emmy-nominated TV present Sell This residence on A&E. Because that nine periods she has actually helped end 250 families throughout America through the emotional process of selling their dwellings by redesigning, and also staging top top a budget. Simultaneously, Tanya is likewise the Host/Producer that A&E’s brand-new show market This home EXTREME. She credits she success on offer This home to she father, that was among the co-founder of mountain View Homes, a family-owned award-winning housing company known because that custom constructed homes and commercial developments. Several of her previous credits include Move This residence for two seasons on A&E, three periods of TLC’s Robotica, together Ahmet Zappa, and also LA’s highest possible rated magazine show Eye ~ above LA ~ above KABC and 9 on The town on KCBS. Additionally, she wrote, produced, and also hosted segments because that KCBS’s Fan electronic came with Jim Hill, and was seen in over 12 million dwellings world-wide on DirectTV customer News.

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As a journalist, Tanya to be the international correspondent because that Canada’s number one entertain news program, Entertainment tonight Canada, on global TV. She covered occasions such together the Emmys, the gold Globes, the People’s an option Awards, the sag Awards and also various various other high profile movie premieres and red carpet occasions in NYC, Los Angeles, and Toronto. She has actually interviewed stars such as Jennifer Aniston, man Travolta, Hugh Jackman, Shirley MacLaine, mary J Blige, Dave Navarro, Tommy Lee and also many more. She also spent time in Cambodia reporting because that the non-profit organization world Vision Canada, top top the severity of child labor and child trafficking. Alongside Alex Trebek, her segments wait on an international TV throughout Canada.

As a guest-host Tanya has appeared on a variety of TV shows, including: Hollywood 411 through Chris Harrison for the TV guide Channel; truth Remix on Fox Reality; Live ~ above the Red Carpet for Warner Brothers/ Telepictures and also CBS’s Grammy Special, which obtained an Emmy Nomination. She filmed finest Vacations in Los Cabos, Mexico through Hunter Ellis for KTLA’s element Time Special.

As a celebrity guest, Tanya has actually been interviewed on many talk shows, including: The View, Soap Talk, Life and Style, The watch From The Bay, The Vikki Gabereau Show, Fanny Kiefer, worldwide TV, lot Music, Breakfast TV, turn off The Record and also The Mike Bullard Show and also has graced the inside and also the covering of a variety of magazines such as format Magazine, In Touch, TV Guide, Womans World, biography Magazine, Psychology Today, Parade, Life Magazine, and VU newspaper to name a few.

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Tanya is actively involved in sponsoring children through human being Vision Canada, and also she contributes she time to helping develop wells, homes and communities in Guatemala because that the no profit organization Wells the Hope. Together an pet advocate she rescues animals from kill shelters and also finds lock a brand-new home. She likewise enjoys giving motivational and inspirational speeches to parents and teens.