What room some ways of finding the center of curvature that concave and convex winter (spherical)?

For example, ns can twin the distance of focal size on the principle axis to uncover the facility of curvature that concave mirror.

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Yes, the radius the curvature is double the focal size from the pole (A in top diagram, ns in reduced diagram) : $R=2f$.

You can achieve an approximate worth of $f$ by detect the point at i m sorry a remote object is focussed, as said by the 2nd diagram. Or friend can acquire $R$ together the street at which an object is focussed in ~ the same distance (inverted).You can acquire a much more accurate value of $f$ by plotting a graph of image vs object distances, in the form $1/v$ against $1/u$. The intercept is $1/f$.

A concave mirror used for focusing light is parabolic, not spherical. There thus isn"t a "center that curvature".


If you understand the thing distance and image distance, you deserve to solve because that the focal size f using the mirror equation. Climate you will additionally know the center of curvature due to the fact that it is 2 times f.

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