A memorandum or shortly well-known as a memo is a specific official note, supplied to inform, direct or recommend the members in ~ the very same organisation. However, the company deals with a variety of external next such as customers, clients, suppliers, government agencies, manufacturers, societies, etc. Because that which a different tool of interaction is used, dubbed as a company letter. A letter refers to a quick message sent by the agency to the human or entity, which are outsiders.

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Large corporations require an effective system for communication of information and also messages, promptly, within and outside the organisation. In this context, the telephone is among the easiest and also convenient methods for prompt communication, yet when it concerns evidence, written settings are taken into consideration best. Written records include memos, notes, letters, circulars and orders, which are offered by the organisation.

The short article presented to you do the efforts to melted light top top the difference between memo and also letter.

Content: Memo Vs Letter

Comparison Chart

Basis because that ComparisonMemoLetter
MeaningMemo refers to a quick message, written in casual tone because that interoffice circulation of the information.Letter room a kind of linguistic communication, that includes a compressed message, conveyed come the party external to the business.
NatureInformal and ConciseFormal and also informative
Exchanged in between Departments, devices or superior-subordinate within the organization. Two organization houses or in between the firm and client.
LengthShortComparatively long
SignatureSignature is not required in a memo.A letter is duly signed through the sender.
CommunicationOne come manyOne come one
ContentUse of technical jargon and an individual pronoun is allowed.Simple words are used and written in third person.

Definition the Memo

The memo is quick for the memorandum, which means a keep in mind or document for any use in future. The is a quick message provided as a method of informal communication within the organisation, because that transmitting details in writing. It may be titled as interoffice communication, office memorandum, or interoffice correspondence, quite than a memorandum.

The main objective the memos is come disseminate company policies, steps or related main business. These are written in one to every perspective and also can serve various purposes like conveying news, directions and information to multiple recipients, calling human being to action or meeting.

One can use an informal tone and personal pronouns in the memo. Over there is no necessity to use a salutation and cost-free close.

Definition the Letter

A business letter deserve to be identified as the kind of created communication, that has a lengthy message, handle to the party outside to the organisation, i.e. Supplier, customer, manufacturer or client. The starts v a salutation, composed professionally in the 3rd person and also has a complementary close through a signature.

The relationship in between the sender and receiver dram a far-reaching role in determining, the in its entirety style in i beg your pardon the letter is drafted. These are offered for a variety of reasons such together a inquiry for information or feedback, stimulate placement, making complaints or grievances, enquiring miscellaneous or acquisition follow-up.

The letter is printed, typed or written on the letterhead paper, which contains the details the the agency like name, address, logo, etc. As company letters offer as proof for both the parties concerned, therefore it needs to be polite, courteous and also respectful to gain immediate response.

Key Differences in between Memo and Letter

The points presented listed below explain the difference between memo and letter:

The memo deserve to be defined as a short message, created informally to communicate specific information come the members that the organisation. Vice versa, letters deserve to be interpreted as a way of a verbal interaction containing a brief message handle to a party outside to the business.A memo provides informal tone and also is right to the point. ~ above the various other extreme, letter are very formal and also contain several information.The use of memorandum is inner to the organisation, in the sense that it is exchanged between two departments, or units or sent out by the manager to inform subordinates. Together against, the usage of letter is external in nature, together it is exchanged in between two business houses or in between the agency and client.When it comes to length, letters are lengthier in comparison come the memo.There is no necessity of a signature in the memo, as it is used within the organisation. However, the letter is to it is in duly signed by the one who sends out it.Memos room written to inform or direct, a room or variety of employees on a particular matter and so it is usually written native one to all perspective, such together mass communication. Contradictory to this, letters are personal as that addresses to a specific party or client, so that is a kind of one to one interpersonal communication.Technical jargons are frequently used in memos, as well as uses an individual pronouns. Unlike, letters stop the usage of technological jargons and also terms which are not easy to comprehend. Moreover, letters are written in the third person.


A memo is vital tool for business communication, i beg your pardon is offered to transmit a specific information to plenty of individuals working in the exact same organisation. It has a great role to play in recording the day to day business tasks and have the right to be offered for future reference.

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In contrast, letter are considered as the best mode of composed communication, that can be used for offering or seeking details to/from an outside party. It help to persuade the receiver, to do as per the will of the writer.