The lithium CR2032 3V battery is a major coin cell battery, when the LIR2032 battery is a very comparable 3.6V lithium rechargeable coin cell battery. The CR2032 battery is mainly used in many tiny devices and also gadgets together its main functions include:

tiny dimensionsWide temperature rangeLarge capacityLow self-discharge rateAnd long shelf-life.

The BR2032 is very comparable to the CR2032m, except it provides carbon monofluoride as the confident electrode, rather of manganese dioxide, which is found in the CR2032.

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The IEC traditional 60086 defines the 2032 battery together a round cell with 19.9 (±0.1 mm) in diameter and 3.1 (±0.1 mm) in height – 2032 actually means 20 mm in diameter and 3.2 mm in height.

Depending on the model and manufacturer, 2032 batteries weigh approximately between 3.0 g and 3.2 g.


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CR2032 battery Specifications and also Comparisons

Main CR2032 characteristics

Typical capacity: about 225 mAhNominal voltage: 3.0VCutoff voltage: 2.0VOperating temperature: between -20°C (-4°F) and also 70°C (158°F)Positive electrode: manganese dioxideShelf Life: 10 year (at the very least for models from dependable manufacturers!)
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Main BR2032 characteristics

Typical capacity: 190 mAhNominal voltage: 2.8VCutoff voltage: 2.25VOperating temperature: in between -30°C (-22°F) and also 85°C (185°F)Positive electrode: carbon fluorideShelf life: longer than in the CR2032
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Main LIR2032 characteristics

Typical capacity: 40 mAhNominal voltage: 3.6V,Cutoff voltage: 3.0V,Recommended charging temperature: in between 0°C (32°C) and 45°C (113°F)Recommended discharging temperature: in between -20°C (-4°F) and also 60°C (140°F)Minimum number of charging/discharging cycles: at least 300-500
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The CR2032 battery deserve to be replaced with a BR2032 battery without the hazard of damaged electronics and in many cases, tools will occupational properly.

What Else should You Know about Replacing CR2032 Batteries?

However, the CR2032 and also BR2032 SHOULD NOT be changed with a LIR2032 battery due to voltage distinctions – 0.6V doesn’t sound much, but it is enough to damage your electronics. We additionally advise not to replace single-use batteries with rechargeable ones, for safety and security reasons.

Before replacing a CR2032 or BR2032 battery v a LIR2032 check the an equipment manual or call the an equipment manufacturer directly.

The DL2032 battery is a CR2032 battery developed by Duracell, when the ECR2032 battery is a CR2032 battery produced by Energizer etc. Also note that manufacturers use both CR2032 and custom designations.

In luxury and/or robotic vacuum cleaners, if CR2032 batteries space present, castle are provided as motherboard batteries as they deserve to hold the charge for countless years and keep the CMOS storage functioning properly.


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LIR2032 batteries, ~ above the other hand, have really high self-discharge prices when contrasted with the CR2032 and also BR2032 batteries and there is really no have to use lock in vacuums together CMOS assistance or for similar functions.

If you perform require new CR2032 batteries, because that a vacuum cleaner or some other device, think about buying battery from trustworthy sellers and manufacturers. Generic batteries might be cheap however saving a couple of dollars now may reason numerous headaches later.

Check the most well-known manufacturers that 2032 batteries, in addition to their best models, in the table below

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There are countless other manufacturers and also packages, yet these 5 CR2032 battery packs have actually average user ratings that at least 4.5 in addition to tens, also hundreds of confident reviews from actual purchasing customers.


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BR2032 or LIR2032 batteries vs. CR2032

We i can not use mentioned any type of BR2032 or LIR2032 in our chart. BR2032 batteries’ more comprehensive temperature selection is no so crucial for vacuum cleaners (that have actually inner house temperatures of below 20°C) and LIR2032s have an i can not accept self-discharge price when compared with CR2032s to be supplied in vacuum cleaners, laptops, calculators, and similar devices.

A LIR2032’s price vs. A CR2032’s price: A top quality CR2032 battery is as expensive together a quality LIR2032 battery – or it prices even more!


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However, if you space looking for great LIR2032 batteries with charger, Zackees Rechargeable USB Coin cabinet Charger through 2 detailed batteries or CT-ENERGY Lithium-Ion 2032 Battery Charger with four LIR2032 batteries.

Both room nice sets the come in ~ a reasonable price.

The capacity of this batteries is on average approximately 35-40 mAh (CR2032 200-225 mAh), but they can handle a discharge rate of about 70 mA, while the CR2032’s max burst discharge price is approximately 15-16 mAh.

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Again – LIR2032 batteries have actually 3.6V, when CR2032 3V. Unless you room absolutely sure that your an equipment can take care of this boost in voltage, DON’T usage LIR2032 batteries rather of CR2032 batteries

Such (small) rise in voltage may damages or do a maker act strangely, to say the least.

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CR2032 vs BR2032 vs LIR2032 Coin cabinet Batteries: FAQs

Are all 2032 battery the same?

All 2032 batteries are 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm thick. However, there are two main models ~ above the market today: the CR2032 batteries and the BR2032 ones. The key difference between these two types resides in their electrode. While similar, the BR2032 supplies carbon monofluoride together the positive electrode. The CR2032 supplies manganese dioxide for the confident electrode.

What is the best brand the CR2032 batteries?

We recommend the Duracell and the Energizer CR2032 batteries. Both suppliers are fierce market rivals when it pertains to the manufacturing of powerful and trusted batteries. However, every one of the alternatives we presented over are great, for this reason you can take your pick!

What gadgets require the use of a CR2032 battery?

Usually, you will uncover CR2032 batteries in appliances such as car keys, laser pens, fitness appliances, clinical appliances (tensiometers, clinical thermometers, etc.), digital watches, storage backup, etc. Some toys also run top top this form of battery due to the fact that of their resilience. Due to the fact that they don’t need continuous replacing, they deserve to be secured behind screws v minimal inconvenience, making castle a safe selection for children’s toys.

How can I appropriately dispose that CR2032 batteries?

The judicious thing to do to effectively dispose of CR2032 and also all other batteries is to take them come a devoted center, appliance store, or any type of other point that collects supplied batteries. Look online for the used battery disposal and also collection advice & regulations in her city or community. If you nothing have any type of other alternative but to throw them in the trash, make certain you nothing dispose the a big number the CR2032 battery at once. Protect against placing other metals near the battery in the trash, and also make certain the batteries don’t touch each various other while in the trash.

How carry out you know if a 2032 battery is good?

First and foremost, you’ll require a multimeter to recognize whether a 2032 battery is still an excellent or not. Revolve the multimeter ~ above and set it come “DC Voltage” mode. The red part of the probe have to touch the optimistic (+) component of the battery, whilst the black color probe requirements to touch opposing end, the an adverse one (-).

As you currently know by currently from the article, the CR2032 is a 3-volt battery, for this reason the measure up voltage need to read much more than 10% that the rated voltage. Much more specifically, because that the CR2032 that means 2.7 volts or more if the battery is good. If it’s gone bad, climate it will certainly read much less than that value.

How plenty of years walk a lithium battery last?

The typical estimated life of a lithium battery is roughly 3 come 5 years, however CR2032 batteries can last as much as 10 year of use. So, we’ve extended that certain question because that this type of battery. For now, let’s focus on traditional lithium batteries due to the fact that how they job-related is a little an ext complicated. A typical lithium battery can last anywhere between 300 and 500 charge cycles. One charge cycle is the period between a full charge, complete depletion, and also then a complete recharge. In the sense, most lithium batteries will only last a maximum of five years. Together for batteries that don’t get totally charged and also depleted, they additionally lose their capacity over the same amount the time because of wear and tear.

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How execute I dispose the a CR2032 battery?

Thankfully, CR2032 batteries don’t contain any toxic steels or reactive acids. By the moment your CR2032 battery loses its charge, the extremely reactive lithium within of it has been transformed into a non-reactive metal compound. Offered CR2032 battery don’t create that much warmth on your own, and they pose no risk of releasing chemistry that might make it right into your neighborhood ecosystem. Still, throwing lock in the trash is risky, so just recycle them at the neighborhood waste plant.

Bottom Line

Here is whatever you need to know about CR2032 batteries, your use, and also even advice for suitable disposal! If friend have more questions, feel complimentary to popular music them in the comments ar below and we will get back to you!

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