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Lesson succession 6: Overview

Total Time: 2 hours of accuse (divided right into three sections)

In this great sequence, students learn around producers, consumer (including carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores), and also decomposers. As a class, they return to the Schoolyard Ecosystem Poster-Size Explanatory version and include labels because that the producers, consumers, and also decomposers existing there. They climate learn around the producers, consumers, and also decomposers the are current in their ecosystem skilled group and include this info to their expert ecosystem explanatory model.

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Long-Term discovering Addressed (Based ~ above NGSS)

Develop a model (food web) that defines phenomena the the energy that producers, consumers, and also decomposers gain from food deserve to be traced earlier to the sun. (Based ~ above NGSS 5LS2-1 and also 5-PS3-1)

This great sequence clearly addresses:

Science and Engineering Practices:

Developing and Using Models: construct a version to define phenomena. Students add information to their skilled ecosystem explanatory design to show how matter and also energy pass from the sunlight to producer to consumers and then to decomposers, who return issue to producers.

Crosscutting Concepts:

Energy and also Matter: power can be moved in assorted ways and between objects. Matter is transported into, the end of, and also within systems. Students discover that matter and also energy relocate from organism to organism with the food web.

Disciplinary core Ideas:

LS2.A: Interdependent relationship in Ecosystems: The food of practically any type of animal can be traced ago to plants. Biology are connected in food web in which some pets eat plants because that food and also other pets eat the pets that eat plants. Part organisms, such as fungi and also bacteria, breakdown dead organisms (both tree or tree parts and also animals) and therefore run as decomposers. Decomposition at some point restores (recycles) part materials ago to the soil.

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Students watch a video clip about producers, consumers, and decomposers and include this details to their expert ecosystem explanatory model.

Lesson Sequence learning Targets

I can produce a version of a food web.I can use a food net to present how matter and also energy space transferred among organisms in one ecosystem.