Lionsgate’s Summit entertain has got movie civil liberties to Rachel Renee Russell’s young teenager book series “Dork Diaries.”

“Twilight” producer Karen Rosenfelt is in negotiations to create at her Sunswept entertain banner.

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The publication follows eighth grader Nikki Maxwell as she chronicles her new school, typical girls, ideal friends and very first crushes.

Published through Aladdin, a department of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, “Dork Diaries” has actually over 13 million copies in publish with a seventh publication due the end in the summer and and eighth in the fall. Publishing civil liberties for the series have been sold in end 35 nations with translation right into 32 different languages.

Rosenfelt created all 5 installments that “The Twilight Saga” because that Summit. She likewise produced both “Percy Jackson” films, “Yogi Bear” and “Marley and also Me.”

Erik Feig, co-president the Lionsgate Motion photo Group, will oversee the task for the studio together with John Sacchi, Bree Bailey and Jessica Switch.

The author is stood for by Daniel Lazar in ~ Writers residence LLC and also Eddie Gamarra in ~ Gotham Group.

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