I was watching a foreign film and also I experienced a "i" v a period on the optimal as usual and a period on the bottom. What is that called and is there a method I can uncover it and kind it?

More details:It to be a Vietnamese film published by a French company. I think it was Vietnamese text.


It"s gaianation.net it"s referred to as an underdot. That is a diacritical mark lot as acute accents and also umlauts are. In Unicode the is referred to as "dot below".

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In Vietnamese, it"s provided to stand for a details tone, together Vietnamese is a tonal language wherein tone affects an interpretation and so that is an excellent to reflect it in spelling.

Note the in ị the underdot is thought about a diacritical mark, however the dot over is not; it is considered component of the i itself.

How to form it relies on your keyboard. One type used in Vietnamese would form it by pushing the vital that is in the place 9 is ~ above gaianation.net-language keyboards, adhered to by the letter wanted for ạ ẹ ị ọ ụ ỵ (a "dead key" technique to diacritics, together on physics typewriters the key wouldn"t move the paper). It"s linked with various other dead secrets for ặ ậ ệ ộ ợ ự.

In Unicode, it have the right to be encoded either by "precomposed characters", or by complying with the vowel v "combinging dot below".

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The dot below the letter i is a diacritic markdot is actually the correct term because that the type of note it is.

In the instance of Vietnamese, that denotes the nặng tone (low, glottal), provided on the base vowels: ạ ặ ậ ẹ ệ ị ọ ộ ợ ụ ự ỵ

How you kind it is system and keyboard dependent.

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