Whether you uncover yourself sticking close to home or exploring past your typical surroundings to experience all that West Michigan has to offer, knowing how to gain the finest fuel economic climate from her Honda Civic, Accord, CR-V or other models v Honda Econ setting can help to save you money together you placed on the miles.

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As you check out you’ll learn what wake up to your Honda when you push the green Econ Button. Knowing exactly how your vehicle performs in different way in Econ mode can help you much better understand when and also why you need to or shouldn’t push the Econ Button.

When to usage Honda Econ Mode


On flat stretches that roadNormal driving conditions through the cityCruising at a regular speed ~ above the highwayYou aren’t towing anything with your Honda crossover, truck, or vanOn cooler days as soon as you don’t require the AC ~ above max because that a long time

When not to usage Honda Econ Mode

Driving in an extremely hilly and/or steep terrainEntering a highway where you must accelerateOvertaking a vehicle, specifically on a two-lane roadTowing anything v your Honda crossover, truck, or vanOn really hot job that call for the complete power of her AC because that comfort

Honda Econ Button– What Happens when You push It

Pressing the Econ switch alters the actions of several components in your Honda vehicle. Beginning Econ setting modifies performance in order to maximize her fuel efficiency.

Transmission and also Cruise Control: v Econ setting engaged, her transmission transforms its transition points to conserve fuel. You may notice a distinction in seafaring performance when you’re travel in hilly environments, as a automobile in Econ setting will try to prevent shifting up and also down, also when cruise control is activated.Air Conditioning: Econ mode starts and also stops your AC system as necessary in order to limit usage of strength from her engine, which results in your engine requiring much less fuel. You may not have realized that utilizing the AC have the right to consume a considerable amount the fuel over time due to the fact that it needs power from your engine to operation the components– not simply electricity.

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Throttle Response: her vehicle’s reaction speed to girlfriend pushing under the accelerator is dependency on its throttle response. Even just adjusting the lot of press you location on the gas pedal a slight amount consistently deserve to take a toy fee on her fuel economic situation for the worse. Econ setting reduces the throttle response in the mid-range the RPMs for this reason your auto isn’t affected by the little changes in throttle position– which room oftentimes unintentional. Throttle solution elsewhere is unaffected.

Test journey an Econ setting Equipped Honda Model

When friend take advantage of her Econ button, you’ll conserve money wherever you go!his Honda’s lineup of fuel-efficient models, consisting of hybrid models, has actually something for everyone, so take a closer look in ~ our current offers. There’s never ever been a much better time to salary a visit come your regional West Michigan Honda dealer because that a test drive!