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About the Practice

GET THE GIST is a reading understanding practice to help students identify and write brief main idea statements around sections of text.

Students are taught to prevent at predetermined points when reading and also use a 3-step procedure to compose their gist (main idea):

Step 1) “Who” or “what” is this ar about?

action 2) What is the most crucial information around the “who” or “what?”

Step 3) create a gist (main idea) statement that combines the info from actions 1 and also 2. (The gist should be in the students’ own words, fairly than a sentence replicated from the text.)

Teaching student to acquire the Gist is vital for several reasons:

**It encourages students to screen their understanding while reading.

**It helps students incorporate important information throughout sections of text.

**It help students psychic the most crucial information once they read.

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Professional development Resources

PD video clip using English/Language Arts contents (Middle institution Matters)

PD video clip using Social researches Content (Middle college Matters)

PD Module: Identifying key Idea making use of “Get the Gist” Strategy (IRIS Center)

Research to Practice article in Teaching superior Children (Middle institution Matters)

Demonstration Videos

Get the Gist routine in grades 6, 7, and 8 (Texas Adolescent literacy Academy)

Instructional Materials

Lesson Plan: obtain the Gist – A Summarizing Strategy for any kind of Content Area (ReadWriteThink)

Lesson arrangement Template (Middle institution Matters)–COMING SOON

Get the Gist Log because that Students (Middle institution Matters)

Get the Gist Cue map for student (Middle school Matters)

Gist to review Log because that Students, electronic Version (Middle college Matters)

Gist to summary Log for Students, Printable version (Middle college Matters)

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