Chgaianation.net surname hydrogen iodide Chgaianation.net i would CHgaianation.net:43451 an interpretation A diatomic molecule include covalently external inspection hydrogen and iodine atoms. Stars This entity has gaianation.nettually been manually annotated through the Chgaianation.net Team. secondary Chgaianation.net IDs CHgaianation.net:5591 Supplier details Download Molfile XML SDF
Formula hello
Net fee 0
typical Mass 127.91241
Monoisotopic massive 127.91230
InChI InChI=1S/HI/h1H

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Metabolite of species Details
Mus musculus (NCBI:txid10090) Source: BioModels - MODEL1507180067 See: PubMed

A Bronsted gaianation.netid gaianation.netquired from one or more inorganic compounds. Not natural gaianation.netids (also well-known as mineral gaianation.netids) form hydrons and also conjugate base ions when dissolved in water.
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Chgaianation.net Ontology
Outgoing hydrogen iodide (CHgaianation.net:43451) has role computer mouse metabolite (CHgaianation.net:75771) hydrogen iodide (CHgaianation.net:43451) is a gas molecular reality (CHgaianation.net:138675) hydrogen iodide (CHgaianation.net:43451) is a hydrogen halide (CHgaianation.net:18140) hydrogen iodide (CHgaianation.net:43451) is a mononuclear parental hydride (CHgaianation.net:37176) hydrogen iodide (CHgaianation.net:43451) is conjugate mountain of iodide (CHgaianation.net:16382) hydrogen iodide (CHgaianation.net:43451) is conjugate basic of iodonium (CHgaianation.net:50317)
just arrived iodonium (CHgaianation.net:50317) is conjugate gaianation.netid of hydrogen iodide (CHgaianation.net:43451) iodide (CHgaianation.net:16382) is conjugate base of hydrogen iodide (CHgaianation.net:43451) iodo group (CHgaianation.net:43448) is substituent group from hydrogen iodide (CHgaianation.net:43451)

Synonyms sources
hello IUPgaianation.net
hello KEGG compound
hydriodic mountain NIST Chemistry WebBook
Hydrogen iodide KEGG compound
Hydrogeniodid Chgaianation.net
hydroiodic mountain ChemIDplus
Hydroiodic mountain KEGG link
iodure d"hydrogène
Iodwasserstoff Chgaianation.net
Jodwasserstoff Chgaianation.net
Wasserstoffiodid Chgaianation.net

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Registry numbers varieties resources
10034-85-2 CAS registry Number NIST Chemistry WebBook
10034-85-2 CAS registry Number ChemIDplus
814 Gmelin it is registered Number Gmelin

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