There are 6 countries in the standard. Those nations are Turkey, Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

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over there are just 6 countries you need to learn for the standard. The maps over show ALL countries in the middle East. However, even though these countries are not component of the Unit 1 standards, some may be helpful for knowledge the locations of others. For example, Pakistan is not part of our standards, however you deserve to use that to discover the countries that room on the borders. You can specifically use Pakistan since of its awkward form (it looks prefer a dinosaur).  an initial is Saudi Arabia because it is the biggest country in Southwest Asia. The left and also right boundaries are on the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. That is also over Yemen and also Oman (found in ~ the very bottom that the Arabian Peninsula).
following comes Iran, gift the 2nd largest nation in Southwest Asia. That is easy to locate because it is beside Iraq, i m sorry is over Saudi Arabia. Its south border is the Persian Gulf top top the left next of the Strait the Hormuz and the Arabian Sea ~ above the right.
Thirdly, there"s Iraq and also Turkey. As mentioned earlier, Iraq is over Saudi Arabia and on the left of Iran. One more easy means to situate Iraq is to merely look under Turkey, which is just one of the many northen countries in Southwest Asia. The is northwest of the Persian Gulf, close to the top of the map.
Then, there"s Afghanistan. Afghanistan can be located through several various methods. The many obvious means is to locate Iran. That is the nation directly east of Iran, over Pakistan (which, as mentioned in paragraph 1, is the odd-looking country that each other a dinosaur). Pakistan is right over the Arabian Sea, making this also easier.

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Finally, there"s Israel. Israel is the only country in the requirements that isn"t physically associated by a border to any other standard-indicated countries. However, that is still easy to locate Israel due to the reality that that is the western-most nation in the middle East. It"s the little strip below Lebanon, come the appropriate of the Mediterranean Sea, and above the Red Sea.

b. Locate on a world and regional political-physical map the nations of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.
There are only six countries in the standardsThe two greatest countries, Saudi Arabia and also Iran, room in the middleIraq is between Saudi Arabia and also IranAfghanistan is to the appropriate of IranTurkey is over IraqIsrael is the only nation isolated from other standard indicated countries. It is ~ above the west side, alongside the Mediterranean Sea and below Lebanon Written by