A mrs deer is a doe, when a young deer is called either a fawn, kid, or calf. But what is a male deer called? male cervids walk by numerous names, and also the correct name for a masculine deer relies on your species, build, and physical features. The part of the civilization they live in can also play a duty in determining what human being call male deer.

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In this article, you’ll uncover the different male deer names and also some of their differentiating features. Through the end of it you’ll be able to accurately speak to different types of mature masculine cervids by their suitable name.

Let’s obtain started v the basic terminology.

What is a male Deer Called? (4 usual names)

Male deer are usually dubbed one that 4 typical names. These include: Buck, Stag, Bull, and Hart.

“Buck” is the most usual name because that a male deer, and little or medium-sized masculine deer are typically referred to together bucks. “Bull” is a term reserved for the largest deer species (Moose, north American Elk, Reindeer, etc.), and also finally “Hart” is an older English term for masculine cervids that was most typically used in medieval times.


A male white-tailed deer is referred to as a “Buck”
Here’s a bit more information on every of these species of deer:

Male White-Tailed Deer Characteristics

White-tailed deer room medium-sized deer common in the woodlands of southern Canada and also in the mainland United states (except in Alaska and also Hawaii). The most distinct feature that white-tailed deer is the piece of white color on your under-tail, which is highly visible in comparison to their reddish-brown coat.

White Tailed Deer Bucks frequently weigh at the very least 150 pounds to 300 pounds. Bambi, the famous Disney cartoon character, to be fashioned ~ a white-tailed deer.

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Male Roe Deer Characteristics

The Roe deer is native to the woodlands, farmlands, and also grasslands of the joined Kingdom. Bucks have small antlers, farming up come 10 inches through two or three points. During the rut season, bucks make a sound that resembles barking prefer dogs or whining prefer coyotes to capture the fist of female roe deer.

Roe deer can weigh in between 30 and also 75 pounds, through males weighing 20 pounds heavier 보다 females.

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Male Muntjac Deer Characteristics

Muntjac deer are a smaller deer species native to southern and south-eastern Asia. Muntjac bucks have small antlers the curve backwards and also don’t branch out.

Bucks commonly have a V-shaped facial mark that distinguish them from the heart-shaped marking that go have.

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Male Mule Deer Characteristics

Mule deer find their house in western components of the US. Castle earned their name due to the fact that they have actually have large mule-like ear that thrive to it is in as much as three-fourths of your head size.

The antlers the Mule Deer bucks branch off, developing at the very least two tines each, and also this species is prized by many hunters in north America.

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About masculine Deer dubbed Stags

An adult or mature male deer can likewise be referred to as a stag. Often, the term stag describes a deer through a bigger build and larger antlers.

A male Red Deer is often called a “Stag”
Because that their hefty frame, stags are typically stronger 보다 bucks. They additionally are also an ext hostile when competing for the attention of woman deer.

Some instances of stags space the Red Deer and Sika Deer.

Male Red Deer Characteristics

Red deer is hailed together the largest varieties of deer in the UK and also most of Europe. Red Deer Stags have the right to weigh end 400 pounds and also stand in ~ a shoulder increase to 4 feet tall. Your antlers are extremely branched and also can flourish over 16 points.

The Red Deer is referred to as a royal Stag if it has a 12-point antler (six on each side), an royal stag if there room 14 points, and also a monarch if the antler is over 16 points.

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Male Sika Deer Characteristics

Found in eastern Asia and also then introduced right into Europe in the so late 1800s, the Sika Deer is comparable to the red deer however has a smaller build.

Sika Deer Stags thrive antlers that can have as much as eight points and also weigh as much as 90 pounds.

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About male Deer dubbed Bulls

Males of bigger deer varieties such together the phibìc American Elk (wapiti), Moose, and Caribou or Reindeer are regularly referred to as bulls.

A male Moose is regularly referred to together a “Bull”
The term bull is additionally used in describing the masculine sex of huge animal groups, consisting of cattle, bison, and water buffalo.

Male Elk Characteristics

Bull Elk (Wapiti) create the biggest antlers, cultivation up come eight point out on every side. The size of one elk’s antlers can reach up to four feet long and weigh around 20 pounds each.

Adult elk males have the right to weigh as lot as 1,000 pounds.

Male Moose (North America) Characteristics

The north American Moose is found in Canada and Alaska and some northern states in the us (such as Maine, which has the highest concentration the Moose in the US external of Alaska).

They was standing a staggering 7 feet tall, making lock the largest member of the deer family. In Europe, the Alces alces species is described as the Elk, while in phibìc America the Wapiti Deer is known as the elk, which deserve to lead to some confusion.

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Male Caribou Characteristics

Both male and female caribou deer have antlers. The bull’s antlers branch out whilst the female’s antlers prosper straight and also are used for digging for forage in snow.

In the united States, Caribou have the right to be discovered inhabiting Alaska, Idaho, and Montana. This varieties is likewise present in Canada and also northern components of Asia and Europe, wherein it is more frequently referred to as Reindeer.

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About masculine Deer referred to as Harts

Hart is the old English ax for the word “stag.” It might be commonly observed in literature, and also was used during medieval times together the name for a Red Deer stag the is larger than five years.

While it isn’t a name that is used as generally these days, that has solid historical usage, and also is worth mentioning in addition to the major three names for male cervids.

Frequently request Questions about Male Deer Names

What is a male deer called? now you know: a Buck, Stag, Bull, or Hart. However you may still have actually some questions around which name to use for different deer, and also when to usage it.

Two males engaged in combat during the annual rut
Here room some answers to typical questions ~ above the topic:

Can You usage Buck, Stag, Bull, and also Hart Interchangeably?

There is really no clear-cut rule.

But typically, all male deer might be referred to as bucks, regardless of the deer’s age, build, or antler size. A male through a huge build may be an ext appropriately called a stag or a bull depending upon the species.

Meanwhile, the archaic term “hart” is rarely ever before used today. We mention it mostly because of its historical consumption in literature.

Do All male Deer have Antlers?

Male deer, except for the water deer native to Korea and also China, frequently have antlers. These water deer types develop huge canine teeth which resemble fangs instead.

The size of a male deer’s antlers relies on the age. In most cases, the larger the deer is, the enlarge its antlers are.

Factors such together genetics and also diet can also affect antler growth. 

Do male Deer shed Their Antlers?

Most males – choose the elk, moose, and caribou – shed their antlers annually, after the rut or reproduction season.

It typically takes two weeks ~ shedding prior to a brand-new set that antlers starts to grow.

Antlers are few of the fastest-growing tissue amongst mammals, increasing about one inch each day and covered in velvet until they melted that soft coating in ready for the yearly rut.

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Antlers and also horns are various in numerous ways, and deer are the only types of pets that prosper antlers.