Greece is a nation with an remarkable amount of beautiful islands. Discover out around the 10 largest Greek islands, including Crete, Evia, Lesbos, Rhodes and Chios.

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Crete really is one island suitable for everyone. Families, couples, history buffs, out enthusiasts and beach lovers will all discover Crete has more than sufficient to market them during their vacation.

When it concerns highlights, very first time visitors must see the royal residence of Knossos, maybe hike the Samaria Gorge, reap time in Chania, visit the Flintstone coast of Matala, and also much, much more!

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2. Evia (Euboea)

(Capital city: Chalkis | Size: 3,684 km2 / 1,422 sq mi | Population: 191,206)

Considering that Evia is the second largest island the Greece, that is surprising the it doesn"t have actually a higher profile. Probably it"s a marketing problem, as if people haven"t heard the Evia, of food they aren"t going to visit!

It"s additionally an island whereby you really need your own transport to obtain around, so that can be another reason.


While Evia does have some archaeological sites, it"s yes, really the beaches that are the main drawcard here.

If you find yourself in Greece through time on your hands and also your own vehicle, invest some time in Evia. You might never leave!

3. Lesbos (Lesvos)

(Capital city: Mytilini | Size: 1,632.8 km2 / 630.4 sq mi | Population: 114,880)

Lesbos is the third largest Greek island. If you are searching for a distinct vacation the will give you a taste of Greek culture, discover the rich history of ancient Greece and also visit an island the is fill with herbal beauty then Lesbos in Greece should be top top your travel itinerary.


Here are countless reasons why girlfriend should consider visiting this beautiful island.

Visit the Petrified Forest and the Museum that Natural background in Sigri village.Explore Molyvos, and also the castle.Spend time at The lock of Mytilini and also surrounding areaDrive out to the monasteriesSavour the island ouzo, sardines, and also cheese!

Visitors to Lesbos love the complying with beaches: Eresos, Vatera, Saint Hermogenes, Saint Isidore, Melinda, Anaxos, Molyvos, Xampelia, Τarti, and also Sigri.

4. Rhodes

(Capital city: Rhodes City | Size: 1,400.68 km2 / 540.81 sq mi | Population: 115,490)

Rhodes is the fourth biggest Greek island, and also is located in the Aegean Sea. It’s recognized for its plenty of beaches, middle ages architecture, and also enchanting atmosphere.


The most symbolic function of the island is the middle ages City that Rhodes which is one of the UNESCO world Heritage sites of Greece.

There are countless reasons why you should visit Rhodes in greece this summer; right here are several of the areas you must visit:

Tsambika BeachMonolithos CastlePalace of the Grand understand of the Knights the RhodesAnthony Quinn BayMedieval City the RhodesMandrakiLindosAncient website of KamirosThe sink of the ButterfliesKallithea Springs

5. Chios

(Capital city: Chios city (Chora) | Size: 842.3 km2 / 325.2 sq mi| Population: 54,030)

It appears strange that the fifth largest Greek island is one the very few people have actually heard of, but don"t overlook Chios ~ above your take trip planning!


Known as the ‘fragrant" island because of the mastic production, it has actually that blend of history and natural beauty that travelers plan trips to the Greek islands involved love.

Chios is a beautiful Greek island that offers cool beaches, high hills for trekking and deep valleys for exploring. Located in the Aegean Sea, close come the shore of Turkey, it has actually been inhabited since prehistoric time.

Some the the finest things to perform in Chios include:

Explore the beaches in Chios town and beyond, including Mavra Volia, Vroulidia, Agia Fotia Beach, Komi Beach, and Karfas Beach.Enjoy a magnificent sunsetTake a boat tour to view the island"s plenty of bays and beachesEat classic Greek food in among the neighborhood restaurants or tavernsExplore the historic town center on foot or by bikeHire one ATV and drive come Pyrgi for the decorated buildings

6. Kefalonia (Cephalonia)

(Capital city: Argostoli | Size: 773 km2 / 298 sq mi| Population: 35,801)

The island that Kefalonia is located in the Ionian Sea off western Greece. Perhaps most famous for gift the setting to Captain Corelli"s Mandolin, the island has plenty to offer.


It is house to a selection of beaches, with the most renowned one being Myrtos Beach. Other beaches friend should inspect out encompass Antisamos, Lourdas, Skala, Xi and also Makris Gialos.

As with countless Greek islands, Kefalonia has a few unique enhancements to add to Greek food and wine, among them being the Robola wine developed on the island.

Fun reality – I operated picking grapes top top Kefalonia for a few months!

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7. Corfu

(Capital city: Corfu city | Size: 610.9 km2 / 235.9 sq mi | Population: 102,071)

Corfu, one more of the Ionian islands, has been populated for over 5 thousand years and is among the most renowned tourist destinations in Greece.

Visitors come below from almost everywhere the people seeking a distinct experience; they want to be sure on sandy beaches, swim in crystal clear waters or discover historic landmarks.


With stunning beaches and a rich background that goes back to Homer’s Odyssey, the many archaeological sites tell stories of life throughout various eras ~ above this beautiful island.

In addition to its wealthy history, Corfu provides exciting tasks such as scuba diving and also paragliding amongst others.

Suggestions for points to execute in Corfu include:

1. Visit the Achilleion palace 2. Go to a restaurant and shot some Greek food 3. Walk roughly the old town of Corfu town 4. Take a boat tour that the island"s coast 5. Swimming in one of Corfu"s countless beaches

8. Lemnos (Limnos)

(Capital city: Myrina | Size: 477.6 km2 / 184.4 sq mi| Population: 16,992)

Lemnos is a reasonably little checked out island for international visitors, together it is not as simple to get to as various other islands. Situated in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, it"s a long ferry ride native Lavrion port in Athens, yet you can also get direct flights come Lemnos indigenous Thessaloniki.


Foodies will love security time top top Lemnos island. Go to a classic Greek restaurant for part delicious food, shop in ~ local sectors for fresh produce, and honey, and if you"re there at the appropriate time that year, examine out the wine Festival and also Olive Festival.

You"ll require to record up on part beach time too of course. Walk swimming on among Lemnos" plenty of beaches. Some of the finest beaches in Lemnos include: Thanos Beach, Mikro Fanaraki Beach, Keros beach, Gomati beach, and also Megalo Fanaraki Beach.

9. Samos

(Capital city: Samos | Size: 477.4 km2 / 184.3 sq mi | Population: 32,977)

Samos is a Greek island in the east Aegean Sea. The island"s background spans an ext than four thousand years, and it has been rule by countless different countries over the centuries prior to finally gift unified with Greece top top 11th November 1912.


Samos, greece is a beautiful island that provides something for everyone. Whether you space into history or nature, this Greek Island has actually plenty of activities to make your stay a memorable one.

Some the the highlights the Samos you should take into consideration experiencing encompass visiting the beaches such together Psili Ammos Beach, Tsabou Beach, Limnionas Beach, Kerveli Beach, and also Tsamadou Beach.

Spend some time hiking about the villages, take time the end at Sanctuary of Heraion and also the Tunnel that Eupalinus, and enjoy the views from the Monastery that Panagia Spiliani.

10. Naxos

(Capital city: Naxos (Chora) | Size: 429.785 km2 / 165.941 sq mi) | Population: 18,904)

Naxos is the just island in the Cyclades to attribute on this perform of the biggest islands in Greece. The comes together a surprised to numerous people, that assume that due to the fact that Santorini and Mykonos are more well known, they are bigger.


It"s not the instance though, together Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades. (Andros is the second largest Cyclades island in instance you to be wondering!).

Naxos is a exorbitant island to visit if you"re searching for an authentic suffer with lots of historical sites, architecture, and culture. As one of the most renowned destinations in Greece, Naxos supplies visitors amazing beaches that room perfect because that relaxing.

The beaches in Naxos room so peaceful that it"s difficult to pick just one! Agiassos, Plaka, Kastraki, Agios Georgios, Psili Ammos, and also Aliko all sell a distinctive experience.

My personal favorite is the big of coast in the Plaka area. If you"re feather for much more information on finest beaches in Naxos – inspect out my full travel guide here: Naxos Beaches

FAQ About large Greek Islands

What is the biggest Greek island?

The Greek island the Crete is the largest and most heavily populated in Greece. Its resources is Heraklion, i beg your pardon is not just the largest city in Crete, but additionally the 7th largest in every one of Greece.

What space the 5 largest Greek islands?

The 5 largest archipelago of Greece space Crete, Evia (Euboea), Lesbos, Rhodes, and also Chios.

Is Crete bigger than Cyprus?

Cyprus is 939 square km larger 보다 the Greek island that Crete. Crete is 8,312 square kilometres in size, vice versa, Cyprus is 9,251 square kilometres.

What are the 5 largest islands in the Mediterranean?

The 5 best Mediterranean islands space Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus, Corsica, and also Crete.

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What was the 25 island that Greece?

Amorgos is the 25th biggest island in Greece. The is the many eastern in the Cyclades group of islands.